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5 Informative Things to Check out ...

By Meream

1 Keep Your Roses Alive

Roses are great flowers to have in your garden. If you want them to live long, you must check the link above.

2 How to Organize Your Bag

Take it from someone who brings a gazillion things wherever she goes. From the gadgets to the makeup, Lexi got us covered.

3 First Date Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Talked about your ex? Got wasted? Talked non-stop? Seriously, girl, you have to read this. It will save your life.

4 Spring '11 Trends

The 70s are back, did you know? I, for one, is extremely happy about this. This only means I can now "borrow" stuff from my mom. Awesome!

5 Getting Ready for Meditation

You know it's important to be relaxed. If you can't bring your muscles (and your mind) to stay still, here are tips for you.

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