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7 Tips on Being Hot in Every Shot ...

By Melanie

When you take a picture, you want to look like a model, however, it seems that with every picture you take, the more disappointed you become. What would you say if I told you that you could go out and take a picture right now without being disappointed? I can tell you some techniques that will be sure to help you look hot in every shot. If this is what you want, then continue reading these 7 tips on being hot in every shot …

7 Smile

While a picture without a smile can be on the sexy side, I think you should smile at least a couple of times. A picture with a smile can look much better – it looks hot. So, don’t be afraid to smile. Learn your sexy smile.

6 Sparkle Eyes

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Do you know those photographs where they have a sparkle in their eye? Sure, that may be fake, but it is possible to take. Just place your head so that your eyes catch the light. You know you have it just right when your eyes feel just a little on the uncomfortable side.


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5 Don’t Use Flash

You should not use flash on the camera, unless you absolutely have to. I believe outside pictures are the best. When you use flash, it could leave shadows on your face. You have a pretty face – you don’t want to hide it.

4 Don’t Slouch

It is important whether you are sitting down or standing up that you do not slouch. When you slouch it will take a horrible picture. So, learn good posture.

3 To Look Thinner

If you would like to look thinner, then point your legs about 45 degrees towards the camera. After this, twist at the waste, towards the photographer. This is what the stars on the red carpet do.

2 Get Rid of Double Chin

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To get rid of that double chin in those seated shots, extend your neck and tilt your head down just a bit. This will also get rid of those up your sinus views. Try this the next time and see if the double child shows up in the picture.

1 Makeup

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If you are a woman who wears makeup (most of us do), then you need to try to avoid wearing those dark colors. Go for a more natural look when you are getting your picture taken. Besides, I think having too much makeup caked on the face can look a bit horrible and will not show up so well on the camera.

Those are 7 tips on being hot in every shot. You will no longer have to look at a disappointed picture of yourself again – as long as you are ready for the shot to be taken. I do hope these tips have helped you out and look forward to hearing any tips that you may have. These are tips that many celebrities use. So, do you have any you would like to share with me?

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