8 Tips on Saving Fuel ...


8 Tips on Saving Fuel ...
8 Tips on Saving Fuel ...

There are various tips that you can use that will help you conserve fuel. You could always go out and get a fuel flex vehicle, but not everyone is able to afford those. So, for now, we will have to stick to using method to save fuel. Below, I am going to give you 8 tips on saving fuel …

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Keep Windows Closed

I always stick to this tip. When you drive with your windows open, no matter the speed you are going, it will cause air drag. It can reduce your mileage by ten percent. Therefore, make sure you keep those windows up. You know, if you want to save fuel.


Think Ahead before Reaching a Hill

What do I mean about this? Well, instead of accelerating when you reach the hill and you are already on it, try accelerating before you read it.


Gas up at the Coolest Part of Day

Generally, the coolest part of the day would be early morning or late evening. Those are the two times during the day you should gas up. During this time, the gas is densest. You are being charged according to volume of measurement and the gas pumps measure the volumes of gasoline.


Clean Your Car

If you are like me and like your car clean, this should not be a problem. Look in your car and take anything inside that you may not need. Things can easily add up to fifty pounds. By doing this, you will help to save gas in your vehicle.


Don’t Stop and Start Your Engine Needlessly

Make sure you do not stop and start your engine when at a redlight or stop sign. When you sit there and idle the engine for one minute, this takes in the gas amount that is equivalent to starting up the engine. So, it is best if you just keep the car on.


Avoid Rough Roads

Whenever it is possible, you should avoid those rough road. The gravel or dirt is going to take thirty percent of the gas mileage.


Proper Maintenance

It is important that you keep proper maintenance on your vehicle. By this, I mean keep your tires at the right pressure, change your oil when it needs to be changed and so on.


Remove Snow Tires during Summer

During those months when there is no snow on the ground, if you want to save gas, then remove those snow tires. When you travel on tire thread that is deep, you will be robbed of fuel.

Those are 8 tips on saving fuel. Really, this list could of went on and on forever, because I know so many different tips one can use. Even if you have the money to put gas in a lot, you should still practice these tips. Also, from time to time, you may elect to take the bus or carpool with someone, which will really help the environment. So, what about you, do you have any special tips to help others save gas in their vehicle when traveling?


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#6....never thought before. Thanks

Try not to use the AC all the time in the summer time, but rather use the fan and open some windows. It will pay off in lesser usage of gasoline.

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