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7 Tips on Saving Money ...

By Melanie

The majority of us all want to save money in some way, whether we put aside a set amount into a bank account or just want to cut down on the amount that goes out each month. Here are 7 tips on saving money.

7 You do Not Need to Keep up with the Joneses

You do Not Need to Keep up with the JonesesPhoto Credit: Gnerk

It may never have crossed your mind but maybe the so called Joneses are living the way they are trying to keep up with you, when all you are doing is trying to keep up with them. In my opinion it is always important to live within your own means because you could end up getting into serious debt.

6 Walk or Cycle More

Walk or Cycle MorePhoto Credit: cattycamehome

Instead of spending lots of money on petrol and car maintenance why not walk, cycle or catch some form of public transport. This keeps more money in your pockets and helps the environment by reducing the amount of fumes released into it.

5 Take More Time to Look for Cheaper Insurances

There are so many different insurance policies that we have to take out, such as car insurance, home insurance, contents insurance and so on, that it can be so easy to waste money. If you take a bit longer to search for cheaper insurance policies then this can help you to save money.

4 Pay off Your Credit Card Immediately

Pay off Your Credit Card ImmediatelyPhoto Credit: J Devaun

Another easy step to saving money is to pay off your credit card bills immediately before they start accruing interest. I know that it can be so easy to forget about a purchase made on your credit card but if you do not want to pay more for an item in the long run it is important that you pay it off straight away.

3 Turn off Lights and All Electrical Equipment when out of the Room

So much money can be wasted by walking out of rooms for long periods of times and leaving the lights plus all other electrical equipment. Only turn on what you need and if you are no longer going to watch the television turn it off, do not turn it on to standby. In my opinion this only takes a little time to do and not only saves electricity but energy too.

2 Buy Fresh Food and Cook Large Amounts

Buy Fresh Food and Cook Large AmountsPhoto Credit: bangkok_diary

Many people, in my opinion, wrongly say that buying and cooking fresh food is very expensive. Yes, fresh food can be expensive if you do not cook it properly but if you cook meals such as spaghetti Bolognese, soup or shepherd’s pie it can be frozen and eaten at another time.

1 Set a Monthly Amount to Pay into a Savings Account

Set a Monthly Amount to Pay into a Savings AccountPhoto Credit: Feeling Croppy

Set a regular monthly amount to pay into a saving account and make sure that when you receive your salary, pay the amount into your account immediately. This will prevent you from spending the money but it is important that you do not set an impossible amount to save.

There you have 7 tips on saving money. These tips can be used as a starting point to help you go about saving money. What do you do to make sure you save money?

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