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10 Steps for the Best Possible Savings on Everything ...

By Talynn

Sadly, here in the United States of America, more money is wasted than is put to good use. We've become a nation that easily spends, but has a hard time saving. And in reality, we spend more than we've actually made. But saving money is becoming more and more important to the everyday man and woman. Want some ways to save that hard-earned penny? Read on!

1 Grocery Shop in Your Cabinets

Grocery Shop in Your CabinetsPhoto Credit: michele cat

I found a tip online that said that this one lady and her husband make it a point that one week out of every month, they won't go to the grocery store, but rather eat whatever they can find in the pantry. This not only saves them a week of grocery money, but it also helps them keep from wasting so much food! Pretty nifty, huh?

2 Save on Dryer Time

Save on Dryer TimePhoto Credit: keels.

One tip I've found is this: Throw your clothes into the dryer only for about 10-15 minutes (long enough to start the drying process) and then take them out and hang them up on your shower curtain rod. This not only saves on your power bill, but lengthens the life of your clothes as well!

3 Dryer Ball

Dryer BallPhoto Credit: Marching Knights

No more dryer sheets with this tip! Wad up a ball of aluminum foil and use it over and over again in your dryer to prevent static electricity build-up in your clothes! How cool is that?

4 Alcohol - the New Cleaner

Alcohol - the New CleanerPhoto Credit: absolved

Rubbing alcohol is great for cleaning! Some use it to clean the floors because it sanitizes and evaporates quickly. Another lady mixes it half and half with water in a spray bottle and uses if for daily shower cleaner.

5 Dilute Your Shampoo

Dilute Your ShampooPhoto Credit: Sopes de pa

Believe it or not, you can separate your bottle of shampoo in half and add the rest in water, mix it up, and your shampoo works just as well, only lasting double the time!

6 Avoid Credit Cards

Avoid Credit CardsPhoto Credit: debtcovered

Though they might be convenient, credit cards are nothing but trouble. They're too tempting to spend more money than you can actually afford to spend and you end up in a heap of debt. Avoid this trap by simply avoiding credit cards altogether. Bank debit cards carry a major credit card seal, so you can use that for anything requiring a credit card, and yet you can't spend any more than your checkbook allows. This will definitely prove to be a great money-saver if you heed!

7 Lose the Landline

Lose the LandlinePhoto Credit: Bogie0000

Now, if you're like me, this tip is not possible. I live in a backwoods area where cell phone service is limited. However, if you live in an open cell phone area, where reception is great, it wouldn't hurt you to get rid of your home phone. After all, your cell phone is on you at all times - who needs two phones and the double bill each month?

8 Forget the Gym Membership

Forget the Gym MembershipPhoto Credit: AXEHD

Why pay for a gym membership (that your rarely use) when you can just go jogging around your home, and invest in a couple workout pieces for your home? Even though you may spend a couple hundred dollars for an eliptical or whatever you choose, in the long run, you'll end up saving more and getting more for your money than paying for a gym membership.

9 Stop Smoking

Stop SmokingPhoto Credit: heydanii

Each and every time you light up one, you are literally burning money. The average smoker spends $2000 - $3000 a year on smokes! Unbelievable! That's a habit worth breaking if you can save that much money a year, right? Not to mention the health benefits you would receive by quitting this terrible habit!

10 Buy Energy Star

Buy Energy StarPhoto Credit: MoneyBlogNewz

When buying appliances and such, look for the Energy Star seal. Not only will these appliances save you money by saving electricity, you can also claim them on taxes! Even some insulation brands come with the energy star seal!

Save money - live better! That's what Wal-Mart says. And it's true! Saving money is important, and will make our lives that much more stress-free! How do you save money? Share, please!

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