7 Tips to do the Military Style on a Budget ...


7 Tips to do the Military Style on a Budget ...
7 Tips to do the Military Style on a Budget ...

The military style is hugely popular right now. It's been around for some time now, but this season, the look is softer and far less hard edged. Do you know what that means? It means it's no longer necessary to go out and buy a bunch of new pieces to pull off this look. Here are 7 tips to do the military style on a budget – right out of your closet!

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Recycle Cargoes


Most girls have cargoes. I have something like five pairs hiding in the back of my closet. Guess what? You can use this when going for a military style. You can wear them as they are or you can roll the hems a little, and you're good to go. Get a studded belt or some suspenders to go with them, and you might have just bought them yesterday.


Cadet Caps


Even if you don't have a cadet cap hiding in your closet, you can get one on the cheap. They are everywhere right now, and that could be the one element you use to pull off the military trend. Because, see that's brings us to--


Don't Go Overboard


You don't want to dress head to toe in military. Why would you? That's just taking the look too far. It's too much; you're not drawing the eye, you're overwhelming it. So even if you only wear a cadet cap or your cargoes, you're still rocking the military style – you're just not overdoing it. It's too easy to do that, but if you limit yourself to one or two trendy pieces, you'll be all right.


Invest in One Good Piece


The end-all, be-all for the military style is probably the military jacket. Actually, there are several different types of military jackets, from cropped to casual, so it will all depend on what you think is cute. The point is, it is worth it to invest in one signature piece. A military jacket would be a great investment because it's so versatile, but you can choose any popular piece and let that be your one signature.


Use What You Have


You'd be surprised at the things that are considered part of the military style. Oversized button down shirts are a great piece in the trend, as are flirty, pleated skirts. I bet a lot of you have several of the pieces signature to the style hiding out in your drawers or buried in your closet. Take a look, work with them, use them!


Bring out Your Boots


Sure, combat boots are preferable when trying out the military style, but they aren't always necessary. Frankly, any black boots will work beautifully. They can be ankle boots or knee high, it doesn't matter. They'll still look totally cute.


Go Green


Green is a signature color in this style. Camouflage shades of green are especially popular, from beige to hunter to forest. Any green pieces in your current wardrobe will work in this style, and remember that a few nips and tucks can always help. Who says you can't style your clothes yourself?

It's often so easy to mimic the latest styles. A lot of times, you don't even need to buy anything new. You can pull off a new trend with things you already have. Have you done that before? What's your favorite trend to do on a budget?

Top Photo Credit: Cristi Silva

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I like the military style.?There is something very sexy,power and casualness in it. Totaly fan of it.Cargos are so comfortable.

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