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8 Tips for Saving Money on Utilities ...

By Lyndsie

It comes as no surprise that utilities cost a lot of money – a lot. Heat, water, electricity, gas, the list goes on and on and when it comes to heating your house, especially, things just get worse every year. The good new is that there are lots of ways to save on those costs, and many of them are quite easy, requiring hardly any effort on your part. To get you started, here are 8 tips for saving money on utilities.

1 Change Your Light Bulbs

You can save a lot of money simply with the light bulbs you choose. Those energy saver bulbs are a little more expensive but in the long run, they're worth the extra money. They last longer and now, they come in a variety of shades and vibrancy levels, so you can get brighter bulbs while still saving money.

2 Tweak Your Thermostat

If it's possible, you might want to think about getting a programmable thermostat. That way, you can make the house cooler while no one is in the house, and can then turn up the heat to a comfortable level when you get home. This is particularly helpful for people who live alone, for couples who work the same schedule, and for couples with children who are at school while they are at work.

3 Trick the Toilet Tank

There are lots of tricks that will help you save water – and thus money – in your toilet tank, of all things. Time was, experts recommended a brick in the bottom of the tank, but not so much anymore. Now, a simple jar of water will do the trick. You can use a jug as well. You just have to play around with the size of whatever you're using, because you don't want too little water in the tank, either.

4 Insulate Your Attic

People lose a lot of heat through their attic. If it's not properly insulated, it can also create a rather hellish environment in the summer months. Typically, it may just be a matter of changing the doors that access your attic, and making sure they have insulation on their back sides.

5 Use Weather Stripping

Weather stripping can save you lots in terms of utilities by helping to maintain temperatures inside the house. This option saves heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. Plastic over the windows in winter is also a good idea.

6 Don't Wash in Hot Water

A lot of people wash their clothes in hot water. Now, sometimes you have to, of course; certain types of clothing and materials demand it. The rest of the time, however, you should wash in cold water, or on the warm/cold setting. Laundry detergents are so high powered and special now, you shouldn't notice a real difference.

7 Pack Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, make sure you pack it tight. Use every inch of space that you possibly can before you wash your dishes in it. Of course, be careful while stacking. Saving money on hot water is great, but you don't want to chip or break your dishes in the process.

8 Let Things Air Dry

Here's a better idea, though, and it works for dishes and for clothes. Let your dishes, especially larger ones like pots, pans, cookie sheets, and so on, dry in a rack. As for your clothes, hang them up to dry. You can rig up a clothesline literally anywhere – even inside an apartment!

There are tons of ways to save money on your utilities, and you don't have to give up a lot to do it. Mostly, you can just find ways to actually save your heat, air conditioning, and so on. What do you do to save money?

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