7 Fun Things You Can do on a Tight Budget ...


7 Fun Things You Can do on a Tight Budget ...
7 Fun Things You Can do on a Tight Budget ...

Making funds spread as far as possible is something I learned as a child. My parents made do with what they had and my siblings and I had a wonderful childhood. There was never a dull moment and we didn’t have to go without the important things in life. Creating something out of nothing was my mom’s specialty, which I’ve tried to pass on to my kids as well. 7 fun things you can do on a tight budget are listed below. I hope you find something that suits your budget and your desire for fun!

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Visit the Farmer’s Market

Visit the Farmer’s Market Photo Credit: Martin LaBar

If there isn’t one right in your town, then this type of excursion could involve a short car ride. There is a small one each week here in my town and a huge one a few towns away that happens once a month. These markets only go on during the warm weather, since that’s when all the fruits and veggies come into season and the animals start having babies. Going to the farmer’s market doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. They are amazing places to see homemade products, pet a variety of animals, and chat with interesting people. Farmers are always willing to talk about what they have for sale.


Find Free or Cheap Festivals

Find Free or Cheap Festivals Photo Credit: Batikart

When one of my boys was very little, we lived in an area that was well known for its fantastic Pow Wows. There was usually a small entry fee, but then you received a commemorative button that allowed free entry to the Pow Wow all weekend long. Most large festivals charge an entry fee, but there is usually plenty to look at once you’re inside the gates. Farm festivals have plenty of animals to look at and sometimes a petting zoo for little kids.


See Some of the Local Area

See Some of the Local Area Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

The area where I live is a very scenic one, which means there are a number of trails just waiting to be explored. Taking a walk down a woodsy road through the national forest is cost-free and is also excellent exercise. You’d probably be surprised at how many free things there are to do in your town. Take a look around and check out historical sites, parks, and trails. You can even talk with some of the elderly locals and find out historical facts about your town.


Have Game Night

Have Game Night Photo Credit: zawtowers

We have plenty of board games lying around the house. Dragging these out from time to time gives us a change to hang out as a family and keep from spending money too. We might splurge for a couple of large pizzas, but this definitely costs less than going out to eat, especially with two teenage boys. It’s amazing at how much laughter goes on over a little board game. Even a game of cards easily turns into a laugh-fest.


Go Bowling during Discount Night

Go Bowling during Discount Night Photo Credit: Eric Lafforgue

The local bowling alley has Cosmic Bowling three nights a week and the best time to go is on Monday evening. The bowling times are early and the savings is excellent. There is a cover charge to get in and then everything is a quarter; food, shoe rentals, and bowling sessions. If you like to bowl, then this is definitely the time to go. The cover charge is less than two games of cosmic bowling, so this is a huge amount of savings.


See a Matinee

See a Matinee Photo Credit: _ØяAcLә_

In my area, the matinee movies are a lot cheaper than the ones shown later in the day. When there is a movie that I really look forward to seeing, I go and see the matinee showing and save tons of cash. This is a great strategy for big families too. I know going to the movies can be a very expensive event. Making sure to eat dinner before going also saves a lot of money on an outing to the local cinema.


Window Shop

Window Shop Photo Credit: CarbonSilver (gbenz)

Some people use this term when referring to clothing stores, but I use it for all stores. My husband and I will take a trip to town and peruse the many stores to see what new items have come out. Looking at things together gives us a chance to leisurely chat and to enjoy spending some time with one another. Trips like this also don’t cost a lot of money, since we aren’t out to actually buy anything.

With this list of 7 fun things you can do on a tight budget, I’m sure you can come up with a few more now. I find that reading about things other people do inspire me to come up with a few on my own. What fun things have you accomplished on a strict budget? Is there something creative you’d like to share with others?

Top Photo Credit: mjb84

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