5 Great Budget Ideas...

By Meream

5 Great Budget Ideas...

1 a Garden Tool for under $3

Yep, under $3. We are referring to the knee-saver. If you like to garden, you will need this clever thing to keep your knees pain-free.

2 Cargo Shorts for under $20

I don't have a pair in my closet...That is a good reason for me to get this pair. Of course, the best reason is that they're cheap and look sexy.

3 Fun for Nothing

That's right, $0. This is, of course, assuming that you already have the Twilight books. Check out the link to know where you can read them.

In case you find yourself in need of a little entertainment, we've got you covered! This article provides an excellent list of ideas on what to watch on Youtube when boredom strikes. From hilarious comedy skits to inspiring talks, we're sure you'll find something that captures your interest.

4 Blake Lively's Bib Necklace for under $17

Thank heavens for Forever 21. Without this store, we will never have that many options when it comes to the cheap versions of items that stylish celebs wear. This bib necklace is one example.

5 Classy Holiday Gift for under $10

I have been thinking about making framed silhouettes for a long time. Using patterned paper instead of black seems like a good idea, doesn't it? Here is a quick tutorial for you guys.

We bet you have come across great affordable ideas for the home and for your closet lately. Why don't you share them with us? Leave a comment and we'll check them out.

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