7 Best Money Savers ...


7 Best Money Savers ...
7 Best Money Savers ...

Who isn’t looking for the best possible ways to save money? Today, the best news someone could give me would be to call and say, “Hey, have you heard about the sale at the grocery?” But there are many more ways you can save money and here are a few tips I have found helpful on my wallet.

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Coupons Photo Credit: teamjtx

Use them as often as you can! I have friends that save at least $100 a month by planning their shopping around coupons. You can find them everywhere, even online, so no excuses!


Take the Time to Look at the Sales Ads

Take the Time to Look at the Sales Ads Photo Credit: Zitaaa

Don't be afraid to buy ahead. Something you need next week might be on sale this week, so plan in advance. If you can save $5.00 on an object this week, go ahead and purchase it while it is on sale.


Keep and Eye out for Clearance!

Some of my favorite clothing and jewelry pieces have been found on clearance racks! I know you may not be getting the latest style, but sale items are the absolutely a saving angel! Buy it for $10.00 instead of $25.00 and do not tell anyone!


Recycle and Be Creative

Why buy dirt toys for the kids when you can take an old milk jug, cut the top off, and it becomes a big scooper with a handle? Use worn out denim pants for diary covers or purses. The possibilities are endless and there are so many websites that offer tons of ideas.


Keep Away from Credit Cards

So many times, people get covered in debt because they bought outside of their means using a credit card. Be smart with your credit card, only using it when you have to, and when you know you will be able to afford the bill at the end of the month.



EBay! Photo Credit: Ryan Fanshaw Photography

Always check eBay before buying more expensive, "joy items." Many times you will find that you pay less for the same item (even with shipping costs included!)


Remember That "Name Brand" is Not Always Better

Remember That "Name Brand" is Not Always Better Photo Credit: sonictk

A friend of my family's used to work in a factory making shirts. Once these shirts were made, half of them had a name brand tag sewn in, and the other a Dollar General tag! Even Wal-Mart’s brand of groceries is just as good as the name brands - just cheaper!

There are ways you can save money, and it works! Money savers are not something we should laugh about. For many, it is a necessity. Does anyone want to share his or her favorite way to save money?

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Very useful tips, thanks! I do not know how to save (((

Loved the post. I generally don't fall for brand names just for the reason mentioned here.

Devoted practioner already of #1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 :D

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