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5 Useful Things You Need to Know ...

By Meream

1 Growing Chives?

Make sure that you don't plant the seeds too deep in the ground. Check out the link for other tips on taking care of chives.

2 Going to a New Year's Eve Party?

Here are five types of people you will most likely meet there. Make sure that you avoid the downer; she can break your night.

3 What's the Deal about 2012?

If you hear anyone wondering, you have 5 facts to tell them. Here is a favorite: The year 2012 is also associated with the coming in our solar system of an alien planet called Nibiru or planet X.

4 Ring Too Big?

There are many ways for you to make your ring fit better. Why don't you try this new gel solution? I might just get me a tube since my fingers are too tiny for non-adjustable rings.

5 New Couple?

This one is not really that useful but who knows when you might need a bit of celebrity gossip. These days, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are making waves. Methinks they make a cute couple.

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