5 Lists to Look over...

1. Crazy Beauty Products

From press-on eyeshadow to bacon-flavored lip balm, You Look Fab got us covered. My left brow raised at breastmilk soap...Intriguing.

2. Eclipse Fever

Did you know that our writer Melanie here is a HUGE Twilight fan? Read her list of favorite Eclipse scenes. Do you agree with her? Or do you have other scenes to add?

3. Must-do before 25

My 25th year has come and gone but this list is still interesting to me. College Candy gives us 25 Things to Do Before You're 25. I am not so sure I agree about the drugs part.

4. Ladybug Love

I admit that I find them pretty. Want to know more reasons to love ladybugs? Check out this post. It's a wonderful combination of magic and gardening!

5. Cheap, Sexy, Goth

Well, not really Goth in a very Gothic way, if you know what I mean. Here are under $100 goodies that you might love. I have my eyes on that embroidered dress.

You got more lovely lists to show us? Tell us in the comments section. We LOVE lists!

Top Photo Credit: Ravages