7 Best Sports Magazines ...


7 Best Sports Magazines ...
7 Best Sports Magazines ...

If you’re into sports, chances are, you can’t learn enough about it… interviews and tips, pro stats, and so on. Each sport has an array of magazine at the newsstand though, so how do you choose which one to buy? Here’s my list of 7 of the best sports magazines from different sports I like to follow!

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Dirt Rag

Sport: Mountain Biking
Dirt Rag Photo Credit: turbolince

Mountain biking is fun, grueling, and a great way to spend time with friends, stay fit, and see some scenery. And what better way to find out more about the latest bikes, gear, and trails than in Dirt Rag magazine? I love the comic-book feel of the cover each month, and the articles are top-notch!


Golf Digest

Sport: Golf
Golf Digest Photo Credit: oliverdias

Golf is an exciting sport, and not just for old men in goofy plaid pants anymore. Learn how to improve your grip, swing, and putting, and get your fill of golf celeb interviews in my favorite golf magazine, Golf Digest. Believe it or not, it’s not all about Tiger Woods, either!


Front Sight

Sport: Shooting

Shooting is more than just para-military groups and hunters… there’s a growing number of women dominating the sport, and it’s interesting to read their stories. It’s also kind of shocking to see how little the guns have changed over the past century or so… and how cool some of the gadgets are.


Outside Magazine

Sport: Anything outdoors!
Outside Magazine Photo Credit: neloqua

Outside Magazine covers any and all outdoor sports, from hiking to swimming to climbing to biking. The first issue I ever read included a riveting story by Jon Krakauer right after his descent of Everest where so many of his teammates died… and every month since, it’s been just as fascinating, well-written, and the photos are amazing. This month features a great interview with Lance Armstrong, one of my heroes!


Baseball Digest

Sport: Baseball
Baseball Digest Photo Credit: Scott Ableman

Baseball is all about the stats, and this magazine tracks them all and presents them in a way you can understand. They don’t have many pro athlete interviews, but you can see those on TV. I do like th articles that are included, and the action photos from games are cool, too.


Surfing Magazine

Sport: Surfing
Surfing Magazine Photo Credit: konaboy

I have poor balance and co-ordination, so there’s no way I’d ever be much of a surfer, but it’s fun and interesting to read about people who can! All of the surfers seem so down-to-earth, so humble and kind-hearted… and I love the pictures and interesting facts, too!


Sports Illustrated

Sport: All of them!
Photo Credit: ???

Sports Illustrated is the quintessential sports magazine, covering every spot you’ve ever heard of and some you likely haven’t. I love the celeb interviews and that they cover high school athletes as well as college and pro sports, too. And their photographs are top-notch… plus you can find it on just about any newsstand.

There are so many more sports magazines that cover every sport and activity you can think of! Which sports magazine do you like best, and why? Please let me know!

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