7 Sports Ideal for Women ...


7 Sports Ideal for Women ...

While it is true that there ought to equality in opportunities for men and women in the world of sports, there is no denying that some sports are better suited to one group than the other. It is also important to avoid the trap of being used in a sexist fashion; for instance, women boxing being promoted as a lure to attract an audience after a men’s boxing game. Let’s look at some sports ideal for women.

1 Tennis

Women have had a long list of achievements when it comes to tennis. Women’s tennis is just as popular as men’s tennis and women tennis players have been held in very high regard in the world of sports. Tennis is certainly one of the sports ideal for women.

2 Golf

While equally popular amongst both genders, golf is certainly one of the sports ideal for women. Women derive just as many health benefits from golf as men and find it equally pleasurable. Increasing number of women’s championships are providing greater opportunities for women to shine in this sport.

3 Cycling

Cycling was once considered a sign of the liberated woman. Even today, cycling is certainly one of the sports where women can achieve great glory and fame. Given the increasing number of cycling competitions around the world, women stand to gain a lot from this sport.

4 Athletics

This is another field where women have taken great strides in the world of sports. Whether it is track racing, long jumps and high jumps, shot put throw or javelin throw, women have made their own mark in the world of athletics and have a great following around the world.

5 Gymnastics

Watching a woman gymnast is like watching the limits of fluidity that a human body is capable of. Certainly, one of the many sports ideal for women, it is a sport that has given women much popular acclaim over the ages. Not to mention, gymnastics has far more health benefits for women than men.

6 Rowing

At one time, this was purely a boy’s game. But, women have started making it their own by their glorious achievements in this sport, especially at college levels. Women can be just as competitive as men in this field and we have seen some really great performances from women in rowing teams.

7 Soccer

This too was once purely a man’s game. However, over time, more and more women have taken an affinity to this sport, not just in the USA, but around the world. The result is that women’s soccer teams are getting far more attention than ever before and are becoming widely popular amongst followers of the game.

I think it is important to reiterate that women should be given equal opportunities in the world of sports to represent themselves in any or all sports. At the same time, many women who participate in sports for the purpose of health and fitness will find that they perform better and get better results in sports ideal for women.

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