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In the months that I’ve been on commenting duty for All Women Stalk, I have really gotten to know our readers. Sure, they have different personalities, but they generally come in certain types. I hope no one gets offended when I talk about the types of commenters on All Women Stalk. All this is just based on my observations.

1. The Regulars

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If you go through the comments section in the various posts on the site, you will see that there we have some regular commenters. Most of them are women but we have also been graced by the presence of one very mature man (you know who you are). I have to say that these regulars are quite friendly and understanding. You can have conversations with them because they check the site regularly. You will slowly get to know the regulars through their comments.

2. Love Struck Teenagers

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Some of our most commented and high traffic posts are those that talk about love. There are many girls, mostly teens and young adults, who ask help regarding their love problems. Most of them are in still middle school and high school so most of their scenarios are similar. One thing I have to say to them is: Girls, there is so much more to life than boys!

3. Occasional Boys and Men

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Just from the name of the website, it is obvious that All Women Stalk is a site aimed at girls and women from all over the world. So it’s always a surprise to read the occasional man’s thoughts in the comments section. Most of the time, it’s nice to get a man’s point of view on various topics. However, there are times when stray perverts find their way to the site.

4. Guest Editors

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Writers are not perfect. We do try to proofread our articles before sending them in, plus we have our editors to double-check our work. But despite all that, we sometimes fail to spot mistakes. Thankfully, a lot of our readers have keen eyes and they point out the errors we miss. They are welcome commenters on the site.

5. Spammers

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Like in any high traffic website, All Women Stalk gets its fair share of spam bots. However, it’s the human spammers we get that really amuse me. These commenters post well-composed, grammatical comments as if they can fool us. However, the comments they post are so off-topic that you can’t help but notice that they’re nothing but spam. There are also commenters who sneakily insert links into their on-topic comments. I just wish they would be content with the link that is attached to their names.

6. Yellers

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These commenters make comments on different posts. The content of their comments differ greatly. Their only commonality is how they all have their caps lock on. They post comments in all caps, as if they are shouting out their opinions to ensure that they are heard. But aside from this, I wish that they knew how hard it is to read their comments. Letters in all caps are, more than anything, an eyesore.

7. Negative Nancys

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I usually avoid commenting on a post I dislike unless the content steps on my beliefs and morals. And when I do write a negative comment, I try to be as diplomatic as possible. However, there have been many times when I come across people who comment on a post just to say that they didn’t like it. No qualifiers or reasons. They just wanted to say they are not pleased. Some even have the gall to complain about why the post was written. If you have nothing to say that will help the writer or the site, then please think twice before commenting.

8. Trolls

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Trolls are people who post comments that are mean, immature, or controversial just to make people angry or to spark an argument or fight. They write the most ridiculous things that I just have to question their motives. Some comments I approve because they seem kind of sensible. But there are others that I just have to delete because they are obviously just trolls.

I am, by no means, stereotyping or labeling anyone. All our readers and site visitors are free to be who they are. It was just really interesting to note how a diverse group of women from all over the world still somehow end up belonging to sub-groups with similar qualities. Do you have anything else to say about the readers you interact with on the site?

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