Top 7 Industries for Women ...


Top 7 Industries for Women ...
Top 7 Industries for Women ...

The job market of today is no longer run solely by men. Women have been able to dominate many industries. Most of the businesses ran by women were also founded by women, which I think is awesome. There are still some jobs that are predominately sought after by men, but I can think of a few industries where women rule. Here are what I consider to be the top 7 industries for women today.

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Interior Design

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Women seem to have an eye for the best way to make a room or home as comfortable and as fashionable as possible. Interior design includes choosing the right colors to compliment specific patterns seen in wallpaper or furniture pieces. It can also include assisting in the rearrangement of furnishings and knick knacks to make the most of present space. There are many aspects of the interior design industry that allow women to use their natural talent of seeing right away how something can be made more aesthetically pleasing.


Food Service

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Providing people with nourishment tends to be a very maternal aspect that most woman have. You don't have to know how to cook to have this aspect either. There are plenty of women who can't even cook a box of macaroni and cheese, but they still want to make everyone comfortable with good food. It always seems that so many problems are solved with food. Nerves are eased with comfort food, serious discussions are had over large meals, and nagging issues are talked about over rich desserts or lavishly decorated cups of coffee.



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I see more sloppily dressed men than I do women. It seems women pay more attention to details when it comes to clothing. Ladies are not only the fashion models strutting up the runway most of the time, but they are also usually the ones to organize the entire event. Creating clothing, wearing clothing, buying clothing, you name it and if it involves clothing, women tend to excel at it.



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Females generally are more patient when teaching a concept to someone. I notice that the teachers in most primary schools are women. Even high schools have quite a few women teachers. It seems the teachers who had the most impact on my education were all women. I think a woman's quiet tone of voice, gentle nature, and patience is what enables her to succeed in the education industry.



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I believe the nurturing part of women is what helps them do well in the medical field. Doctors, nurses, care givers, paramedics, and other sections within the medical industry employ tons of women. We are natural care givers and are always looking for ways to make people more comfortable.


Real Estate

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Selling real estate involves a lot of talking and socializing. Real estate agents who don't make a lot of sales are often more quiet and reserved than other agents. Women usually have an easy time making conversation with others about most things. If they feel the house they are trying to sell is a good one, then they will pick out all the top attributes and point them out to the prospective buyers.



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Though men are supposed to be the ones who are drawn towards mathematical oriented fields, many women do well in accounting. I think this is because women like to keep track of things and figure out where everything is supposed to go. This can go with actual objects or numbers that are attached to a person's funds. Accounting is a great job for women who like numbers, balancing financial books, and keeping track of where money is going.

I'm not saying that these top 7 industries for women are solely dominated by females. I know many men who are involved in most of the industries listed above. However, this is a list that shows what industries women should be able to succeed in, should they choose to pursue a career in one of them. What industry do you feel women seem to do very well in?

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dustries. Most of the businesses ran by women were also founded by women, which I think is awesome. There are still some jobs that are predominately sought after by men, but I can think of a few industries where women rule. Here are wh

my dream is to become an interior designer or a fashion designer so im sooo glad both of them are up there

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