7 Best Female Inventors ...

Thomas Edison. Ben Franklin. Eli Whitney. Leonardo da Vinci. These are all famous male inventors and, to hear it told, you'd think they were the only inventors, ever. However, a great many women have impacted the world in ways many of us have never even heard of. There are so many meaningful women who have made important inventions; I always find it a shame that they're rarely as highlighted as their male counterparts. So, forget that: here are some of the best female inventors, and what they created.

1. Marie Curie

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Image source: geology.ucdavis.edu

Madame Marie Curie is probably the most well known of the best female inventors out there, and with good reason. Some people don't understand why essentially inventing radioactivity, or at least harnessing its use, is so important, but when you look to modern day medicine, it's easy to understand. Perhaps even more importantly, this woman is still a beacon to all girls that it's okay to be different, to be into science, and that you don't need to listen to those myths – which still exist today – that medicine is an entirely male dominated world.

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