7 Top Cars for Women ...

Believe it or not, some women do love cars. Like me, I have always had a passion for the beauty of cars. By viewing some of the postings on forums, I see that women prefer those cars that have good visibility, agile and is not a chore to drive. Most insist on plenty of storage space, low running costs and reasonable prices. I like those ones that you really have to drive, the manual ones, but I understand that many women prefer the automatics. I guess you know what I am getting at, in the list below, I am going to give you the top 7 cars for women…

7. Ford Focus

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Photo Credit: dobbo_sf

The Ford Focus has a different character than most of the Ford products that are sold in Canada and the United States. This is because it has been developed by Ford of Europe. Yes, it’s a European car.

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