10 Great Girly Computer Games ...

I love video games and computer games, although sense becoming virtually connected with my computer, I really only take the time to play the latter. I’m not talking about games like MidEvil, Trauma, or even WoW, although those are all great games. There are sites I like, iWin and BigFishGames and places like that, where I discovered a whole new world of time management type games, and I’m just sharing my favorites! Here are 7 great girly computer games...

1. JoJo’s Fashion Show

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This is my ultimate favorite. There are three games now, and I hope that there’s at least one more coming. Basically, you play as a fashion designer and get to send models down the runway after choosing outfits that fit a certain genre or style: regional and cultural fashions, Goth, NYC Street, and in the second and third games, you get to dress male models as well.

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