8 Powerful Women Characters on TV ...

It seems like the only shows on are reality shows, and it's pretty hard to find a strong, female role model on something like Jersey Shore. Yeah, okay, I love reality TV, but I miss really strong female characters. So, I came up with 8 powerful women characters on TV – some of them recent and some of them not so much, but all of them admirable – to me at least – in a number of ways.

1. Clair Huxtable

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The Cosby Show hasn't been on the air for years, but Clair Huxtable is my all time, number one favorite character. Lawyer, mother, lover, friend – she is all things to all women. Yeah, it was a TV show, and yeah, there were some pretty cheesy messages, but what was realistic was Phylicia Rashad's portrayal of what it was like dealing with all those kids while holding down a professional career and keeping up the romance with a husband who was often like a sixth kid.

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