7 Shows That Can Teach You a Lot ...

When you think about it, television has a lot to teach us, and you don't even have to tune into your local PBS station to learn. I'll be honest, these days I'm learning a lot from reality shows, for better or for worse. House teaches me a lot about medicine and Bones teaches me a lot about pathology, but these 7 shows that can teach you a lot have subtler lessons – and they really are quite important.

1. My Big Redneck Wedding

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I'm a country girl. I grew up Southern. A lot of the weddings I see on this show make sense to me. Yes, some of them are ludicrous and many of the featured couples may seem like they come from another planet – but they don't. They're just Southern. That's a whole other culture, and I think this show can teach a lot about tolerance and learning to respect someone else's way of life … even when it involves mud wrestling.