7 More Helpful Hints for Everyday Life ...


7 More Helpful Hints for Everyday Life ...
7 More Helpful Hints for Everyday Life ...

I recently wrote an article on helpful hints for everyday life, and it went over so well that I thought I would write another article with several MORE helpful hints for everyday life! I always love saving money or time where I can, and when I pick up little helpful hints here and there, I love to pass them on! So I hope this article is just as helpful as the last one was! Please keep on reading my article on more helpful hints for everyday life for some tips that you will be able to use in your daily life! You will pick up some great ideas!

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Fresh Bread

Want to know how to get the freshest loaf of bread every time you shop for groceries? The clue is go to the bottom shelf! Every time a fresh load of bread comes in, the store managers put it on the bottom shelf, and move the older bread up to your eye level. This ensures that the old bread gets bought because most people don't reach for the bottom shelf. You can also look at the color of the bread ties. Blue is the newest shipment, whereas red is the oldest.


To ensure that your bread is not just fresh but also matches your preference, pay attention to the texture and crustiness of the loaf. If you prefer a softer loaf, squeeze gently to test its softness – remember to be gentle to keep the bread in good condition for others! Conversely, if a hearty, crusty loaf is what you crave, look for loaves that sound hollow when tapped. Don't forget the importance of examining the sell-by date, which can be a more reliable indicator than the twist ties if you’re in a store that uses a different color-coding system.



Do you ever feel like you go through packs of chewing gum faster than you can buy them? I know I sure do! I always have gum on hand, so this is one more helpful hint for everyday life that I find comes in handy often. In order to make your gum last twice as long, tear the sticks in half! You can leave the paper on them, and drop the half you don't chew back into the pack. You still have just enough gum in your mouth, and your pack will last you twice as long!


Nail Polish Remover

For any of you ladies who get gel nail polish, gel nails, or acrylic full sets, you undoubtedly know the drudgery of having to fork up $15-$20 to have them removed. Now paying to have them put on, I can handle. But to have them removed? No! So here's how to take care of that successfully at home! Soak 10 cotton pads thoroughly in polish remover that contains acetone. (Most polish removers these days do.) Wrap one around each finger and secure with a rubber band. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then remove. Your nail polish or acrylic nails will come right off! For acrylic nails, you should clip off the white tips first. Follow up with a clear coat of polish to protect your nails.


Host a Beauty Swap

Here's one more helpful hint for everyday life that has benefited me on more than one occasion. You know all those unwanted beauty products you have in your bathroom cabinets just going to waste? All those lotions and body sprays and blushes and self tanners that you have bought on a whim and never used? Well, it's time to drag them out! Host a beauty swap with your friends! Tell them to bring all their unwanted/unneeded products and you can all trade out! You can include clothes and bags as well. This way, you get rid of all your stash and get brand-new products to try out!


Get a Free Trim

For those of you ladies with bangs, here's a helpful hint for everyday life that you should put into action! You can't afford to go pay a bundle every month for a trim, but your bangs seem to grow faster than you would like, right? Well, most salons don't advertise this, but for faithful customers they probably have some bonuses. Ask your stylist if you can come in every few weeks in between routine haircuts for bang trims! He or she will probably comply. Just be sure and leave a tip for their time!


Re-Use Baggies

I'm always on the lookout for ways to save. Hey, it's our money so we should squeeze every last drop out of it, right? One way that I have found to save a few dollars is by re-using my re-sealable baggies! You can wash them out with soap and water and let them dry. It may sound silly, but why throw them away only to buy more later? That's what's silly! So wash them out and get a few more times of use from them!


Save on Your Water Bill

Want to know an easy and effective way to save money on your water bill? It's something that you can do yourself! Take an empty mason jar and fill it with water. Put a lid on it and go into your bathroom. Take the lid off the back of your toilet tank and flush. When the water level is low, place the jar in the tank on the empty side. When it fills back up, the mason jar will take up space that water would normally fill, so you will be saving water per flush!

So what do you think-are these helpful hints something that you think will come in handy to you? Please comment below and let us know what you think! Maybe you have even more helpful hints for everyday life of your own you'd love to share! As always, thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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