7 More Helpful Hints for Everyday Life ...


I recently wrote an article on helpful hints for everyday life, and it went over so well that I thought I would write another article with several MORE helpful hints for everyday life! I always love saving money or time where I can, and when I pick up little helpful hints here and there, I love to pass them on! So I hope this article is just as helpful as the last one was! Please keep on reading my article on more helpful hints for everyday life for some tips that you will be able to use in your daily life! You will pick up some great ideas!

1. Fresh Bread

Want to know how to get the freshest loaf of bread every time you shop for groceries? The clue is go to the bottom shelf! Every time a fresh load of bread comes in, the store managers put it on the bottom shelf, and move the older bread up to your eye level. This ensures that the old bread gets bought because most people don't reach for the bottom shelf. You can also look at the color of the bread ties. Blue is the newest shipment, whereas red is the oldest.

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