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This is an article that everybody needs to read! Full of tips and advice for little things in everyday life, you'll definitely get some great ideas! Sometimes, when you get a great piece of advice, or discover a great trick you just HAVE to share it with others and so read on for 7 helpful and great tips for everyday life! I'm sure you will be as pleased with the results as I am every time I use one of these tips!

1. Potty Talk

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Do you cringe at the thought of using public restrooms? I've had some pretty....eh, rough experiences myself! If you're like me, you tend to avoid public restrooms like the plague! However, there are times when you just HAVE to use one, and here is a very helpful hint I've discovered. Use the first stall, it's generally the cleanest! Most people avoid the first stall because they think it's used the most. They head for the middle or last stalls, and as a result, those are the most populated! I know I myself have done that on many occasions. Another reason people use the back stalls more is because they have more privacy. But I'd rather have less germs, wouldn't you? So dash into the first stall for a cleaner experience!

2. French Fry Advice

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No one likes eating cold french fries. At least no one I know! Here's how to get hot, fresh french fries every time. Order your fries with NO SALT. The cooks always add some salt to the fries as they are being made, so if you order fries without salt, they have to make up a fresh batch! They don't take very long to make and you can salt to taste at your table. How's that for clever!

3. Stopping That Static

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It's winter time, so static cling is inevitable, and it seems to be EVERYWHERE. It's so annoying! I've found that the best tip for eliminating static cling is simple: it's all in a tiny piece of fabric. That's right, a dryer sheet! Carry a dryer sheet in your coat pocket or purse, and rub it wherever you get a little cling. Your hair, your clothes, your pantyhose-you name it, it works! Plus, your clothes and hair smell fresh afterwards, unlike those nasty anti-static sprays that never work anyway. I like to stick a dryer sheet inside all my coat pockets during the winter that way I always have one handy. Give it a try!

4. More for Your Money

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The bad thing about going through the drive-thru window at a fast food place is that you can't take advantage of the free re-fills. I don't have a tip on how to sneak the drink machine into the car, but there IS a way to get a little extra drink in your cup! How? Order your drink with no ice. If your cup is filled half or more with ice, you're not getting what you pay for. Then the ice melts and waters down your drink. The machine keeps the drinks cold anyway, so ice isn't essential. If you absolutely MUST have it, order a cup of ice separately at no charge! You can pour your drink in the cup with ice.

5. Study Buddy

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Getting ready for that big test coming up in school? Here's how to study for it the right way AND remember everything you study! As you write out your paper or study notes, type them in a hard-to-read font on your computer. Studies have shown that the best way to remember or memorize something is by writing it down. And typing it in hard-to-read fonts will force you to slow down and pay attention to what you're reading and reviewing, thus giving your brain more time to comprehend and file those facts away! Bonus points: you're more apt to notice typos and misspelled words if you're paying close attention! You can always change the font before you hand in the paper!

6. Chicken Cheater

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Have you ever passed up a fresh rotisserie chicken from the deli even though it smelled like a 5-course meal just because it was too expensive for your budget? I know I have! But then I discovered a little trick! You have to know when to shop for them. The deli marks the chickens down in the afternoon and in the late evening. The cooks have to throw out the chickens that they make in the morning by noon if no one buys them, so they generally get marked down by at least half-price a few minutes before noon. The same thing goes for the chickens that are made in the afternoon. If they are still there by evening, they go in the trash. So hang out around 11:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and see what kind of bargains you get!

7. Coffee Fix

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My mom has threatened to get a coffee IV put into her arm! Of course, that's just a joke, it's her way of saying she REALLY loves coffee! I do too, and especially starbucks! I think I've spent a fortune in there. Which is why I decided to post this tip. You can save big time at starbucks or any other coffee shop by doing this. Instead of ordering a mocha french vanilla latte that costs you $5.00, order a plain black coffee at less than half that price and then go over to the little bar with the freebies. You can add milks, sugars, flavored syrups, spices and all kinds of goodies to your cup and have it tasting just like what you would have ordered behind the bar and for HALF the price! Now that's a deal!

I hope these tips have been a source of inspiration to you! I love saving money, and stretching my dollar to the limit! These tips will help you get every pennies worth of your paycheck. Do you have any great money-saving or helpful, everyday life tips to share?

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