10 Things That Can Make You Happy during the Day ...

There are many things that make me happy during the day, but unfortunately, there are already blogs on those things and I don’t want to duplicate it. Therefore, in my 10 things that can make you happy during the day, I am going to give you a unique list - on this list, even though it makes me happy, you will not find “the sunshine, playing with my pets, going for a walk in the woods, etc.”

10. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Lost

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It is always great to find money that you know you did not have. Hint: Looking under the couch or under the cushions of your couch is a great place to find money you didn’t know you lost. This is what I do a lot. In fact, I kind of think of my couch as being a piggy bank … without the tail!

9. Wearing Clothes Fresh out of the Dryer

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I have always enjoyed wearing clothes that were fresh out of the dryer. Even better, after a bath, putting on those warm pajamas that just came from the dryer.

8. Hearing Someone Adopted a Pet

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I am not sure about you, but whenever I hear that someone has adopted a pet, it makes me happy. I love to hear that a pet has been given another chance and is going to have a forever home.

7. When Cashiers Open up New Checkout Lines at the Grocery Store

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When you are in a grocery store sitting in a long line and the cashier opens up a new checkout and offers it to you as the first person. Yes, that can make one happy during the day.

6. A Morning Kiss from Your Lover

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To start the day, waking up and having a morning kiss from your lover can really make happiness flow all day.

5. The Smell of Rain after a Hot Day

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I always love the rain. I like it even more on a hot day. The smell is gorgeous!

4. The Smell of Fresh Cut Grass

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Speaking in smells, I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. It has a smell I cannot describe. Every time I smell the smell of fresh cut grass, it takes me back to my childhood days when my parents mowed the yard and I played in the pretty green grass.

3. Getting the Big Corner Stall in a Public Bathroom

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Personally, I never go to public bathrooms, but when my little girl goes, I enjoy getting the big public stall at the corner of the bathroom. You know, the one that comes fully equipped with its own personal seat. How soon before they start charging for that stall? Just kidding.

2. The Smell of Crayons

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Opening up a crayon box and smelling fresh crayons – yes, that takes me back to the days of kindergarten! I get to smell fresh crayons a lot with the little one. Oh and I can’t forget about the smell of playdough! Oh come on, you know you like it too …

1. Seeing Your Family Smile

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In the end, what makes me happy the most during the day is seeing a smile on one of my family members face. When I see my little girl smile and hear that cute laugh, it gives me a happy feeling.

Those are 10 things that can make you happy during the day. As I said, I tried to make this a unique list and not like the other blogs on this topic. What makes you happy?

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