10 Things That Will Make You Happy ...


10 Things That Will Make You Happy ...
10 Things That Will Make You Happy ...

I chose to write this post, because I think being happy is the most important way to be healthy. At times, when I get sad my husband tries to make me happy, because he knows it's something that needs to be done. However, I don't expect him to make me happy all the time, which is why I find ways that make me happy. And here are 10 things that work for me...

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Vacation! Photo Credit: ¡arturii!

We all love to take a vacation, because for one, it makes you happy to get away from everyday life. You can take a vacation in the wild or near a beach. We usually go to a Florida beach resort off of Saint Augustine or Daytona. If you don't have beaches, you should try a cabin or taking a trip overseas. This will definitely put a smile on your face. However, when you look at your bank balance afterwards, you might frown.


Spending Time with Your Spouse

Spending Time with Your Spouse Photo Credit: blende

This is my favorite! What makes you the happiest? Your husband right? Well, we hope anyway. If you spend some quality time with your husband, you will definitely feel happier. You can watch a movie or enjoy a peaceful dinner at home while you two talk or go shopping together!


Eating out!

Eating out! Photo Credit: billandcathy

Every Friday we go to a fancy restaurant and enjoy spending time with our child over a fancy dinner. It helps us bond and instantly cheers me up!


Spending Money!

Spending Money! Photo Credit: jot.de

Now, this is always fun. My husband always lets me go out and spend money on myself or my child. I get to choose a nice outfit for my daughter and something for myself. He also makes sure to get me a surprise every week and hide it to give it to me later on. Always makes me happy!


Family Day!

Family Day! Photo Credit: halo969

Family day yay! Now family day can consist of what you and your family like doing the most. You can enjoy board games, movies or even video games. You also can enjoy playing outdoors such as football, soccer, basketball, or other sports. I especially love fishing and video games.



Relaxing Photo Credit: B℮n

If you want to smile, you first need to find a way to forget about everyday life. This means forgetting about work. Relaxing isn't my strong suit, because my job is ongoing all the time. Finding time for myself might be hard, but I enjoy my work. However, relaxing can help you be happy. You can relax easily by taking a long bath, reading, staying in a quiet room, laying outside, sitting under a tree or getting your husband to pamper you.


Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner Photo Credit: Eduardo Blanco

Surprises have always been a perfect way to make someone smile and a candle light dinner for sure means a smile on my face. You might find this more of a romantic way to be happy, but it works.


Flowers or Gifts

Flowers or Gifts Photo Credit: ineedathis

What better way to feel happy than to buy yourself some beautiful flowers and maybe a small present? Sometimes, buying something for someone else can also make you smile....especially when you see that grateful look on their faces.


Playing with Your Pet

If you have a pet, then you should know that playing with your pet will definitely make you happy. You might find that pets have that special way to make you smile, because they give you attention and attention no matter what. I love my pit bull, Copper and my Bearded Dragon, Grendel.


Enjoying Nature Outdoors

Enjoying Nature Outdoors Photo Credit: Rosario Cabeltis Apostol

Outdoors has always made me feel better and put a fast smile on my face. I always take my journal or diary out under a tree to write my thoughts. You can think clearer outside rather than indoors. You also can go on a camping trip. Take a hike or even fish. Swim in the water or river depending where you camp.

I provided these ideas to make you smile, because they always made me smile no matter what. You will find that most of your happiness will come from your family or spouse. It's very important to have family time to have a happy life! For those that are single, you can find happiness with your family, friends or pet. “Now, smile an everlasting smile” as my parents always told me. My dad even wrote this on my wedding card. What makes you happy instantly?

Top Photo Credit: McGun

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Hi :) Your husband sounds like a nice man - lucky you!! I soooo agree with the spending money point - somehow that ALWAYS makes you feel better ... I find eating sweets makes me feel better too - especially when watching TV and looking at this website and facebook! I also agree with playing with your pet - especially if you have as cute a bunny rabbit and hamster as I have! -x-x-x-

Doing some social work always makes me happy.

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