7 Things That Make You Beautiful ...


7 Things That Make You Beautiful ...
7 Things That Make You Beautiful ...

Some time ago one of our dear readers mentioned she’s not beautiful and that one comment got me thinking about all those makeup articles I wrote. Ladies, I never said makeup and clothes are what makes us. We talk about them because they are a part of our lives. So, sweetie, wherever you are, you were right about one thing – no makeup will make you beautiful. But, only because there’s nothing to make – you already are beautiful. We all are! And here’s what makes us really special and unique:

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Personality is like a fingerprint – somebody probably has a very similar one but you can rest assured it’s not 100% identical to yours. Your will to learn, ability to be honest, the way jokes always sound funny when you tell them, need to talk nonstop or be quiet when you have nothing good to say, the fact that you are a friend everybody could wish for… That’s what’s so beautiful!



You can’t see yourself when you are happy, sad, surprised or in love but people around you know just how beautiful your eyes are. Not because you wear a ton of mascara or eyeshadow but because they speak for themselves. I didn’t believe this is so important until my fiancé revealed that the first reason why he knew I’m the woman of his life are my eyes. He said, “You looked at me like that and I knew I can’t allow myself to lose you.”


Good Manners

Everybody can dress up to look like a lady but good manners and ladylike behavior is something no money can buy. This girl I know, for example, is a living proof of that – good to look at but only if she doesn’t move, talk, or even breathe! Good manners do make a difference. They attract people. Being in the presence of a well mannered person calms people down and makes them feel proud to be friends with such a person. Guys act like gents around ladies, don’t forget that.



Beauty is not the ultimate goal, it’s something that happens while you’re doing other things like playing sports, reading books, cramming for the exam, taking care of animals, socializing. Your specific interests play a big role in your overall beauty because having a pretty shell means nothing if there isn’t anything to keep it from falling apart.



Who cares about perfect lips and perfect teeth when you have the most gorgeous natural smile ever? Smile whenever you feel like it and don’t think about the way you look. Natural, honest smile can’t look bad. Have in mind that you will be wasting a few priceless seconds of your happy time trying to fake a presentable smile not knowing that the most presentable one of them all is the one you could pull of without thinking.


The Way You Toss Your Hair

It’s little things that matter the most! You know how our men always play with our hair? Well, those things that bring a lot to our charm. The way we toss our hair, the way it folds on the pillow while we’re sleeping, the way we twist the lock around our fingers when we’re nervous or contemplating. This we don’t usually notice but people around us do… and they love it!


Positive Attitude

Let face it, Santa is no George Clooney and yet, all people love him. That’s because he brings joy to others! Positive persons are always the center of attention, the room always sparks up when they enter and, everybody wants to be the one standing next to them hoping a little bit of their charm, and spirit will rub off.

Yes, this does sound corny but it’s the real and honest truth. Our moms or best friends sometimes try to bring this to our attention but, when it comes from their mouth, we often don’t listen. However, when a man or a completely strange person says it, we start thinking about it more. Am I right? So, as a part of our “Dr Feelgood” project today, I want you all to list at least one thing that contributes your overall beauty the most. Deal?

Top Photo Credit: Nicolas RIVET

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sense of humour is another one :) lovely article

I totally didnt know guys wath me when i mess with my hair! Im constantly twirling it haha sometimes some "guy" firends come by me and just decide to touch it ! haha thanks for the post lol!

More than anything else, happiness is attractive. Haven't you noticed how happy people are so magnetic?

Ohhh....I cant thank you more for posting this. Yes we all are beautiful in whatever shape size we are.Our mind, character, tolerance,intelligence to name a few things we have that makes us beautiful or special.Lets celebrate our beauty.

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