10 Things That Make Me Happy ...


10 Things That Make Me Happy ...
10 Things That Make Me Happy ...

I like to be happy, what about you? Of course you do! Who wants to sit there being depressed all day. If you are the type that just can't seem to find anything that makes you happy, then maybe some things that make me happy will make you happy as well. Below, I am going to give you 10 things that make me happy.

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Happy to Be Alive

Think about this – every day that you wake up, you should be happy to be living. So many people lose their lives every day, so when I wake up still alive, I am happy. Sure, this may not seem like much to some people and it may seem a bit 'corny' but it's true.


Going Swimming

Going Swimming Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

Ever since I was a kid, I liked swimming. I liked everything about swimming! Of course, I live in Florida, so I'm a 'water baby.' My daughter, Ariela, who turned 6 on Monday June 28 also loves swimming. Every day, she asks if she can go to the lake.


My Car

I am a car type person. I like cars. So, of course, my car makes me happy. I get to listen to music in my car! It takes me places, so why not be happy about it?


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Photo Credit: king2009_12@yahoo.com

Yeah, call me a dork, but truly, by my looks, you wouldn't be able to tell that I play World of Warcraft. I haven't fallen so deep into it where I have to sit there playing it 24/7. I realize that I have a life outside of it. However, when I do manage to get some free time on my hands, I like to play World of Warcraft. My husband and daughter like playing it with me as well.


Halo 3 on Xbox Live

Halo 3 on Xbox Live Photo Credit: Hallion

Okay, Halo 3 and World of Warcraft should be put into the gaming category, but I just had to point out these 2 games, because, besides Need for Speed games and the Mario games, World of Warcraft and Halo 3 are my favorites. Who can turn down a game of Halo 3 on Xbox live!



Pets always make me happy! I love my pets! And I love pets that are not mine! I have my pit bull – Copper, Bearded Dragon – Grendel and a Quaker Parrot – Spyro. They always make me smile.


My Mom

My Mom Photo Credit: Sigi K ॐ

Of course, my mom makes me happy. I am thankful for her. Some out there did not get the chance to have a mom like I do. She has always been there for me as a kid and still is. Even if I have done some dumb things in life.


My Dad

Just like my mom, I can't imagine having a better dad. He taught me a lot of things in life – like Smile an Everlasting Smile. Both my parents shaped the way I am today. My daughter says that I trained my parents (lol), but no, I think they trained me. I'm happy that my mom and dad are still together – I didn't have to go through a divorce, alcohol abuse or drug abuse like so many kids out there today. Good parents is something to be happy about!


My Husband

My Husband Photo Credit: Batikart

Of course, what good would this be if I did not mention my husband? He makes me happy. He tries his best to make me happy and he is a hard worker. I think he has also shaped me and turned me into who I am today.


My Kids

My Kids Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

Yep – that is a picture of my little girl. I love my kids. I have read many horror stories where the mom or dad just doesn't care about their kids and push them away, neglects them or leaves them out in the cold--literally. It breaks my heart to think that people can do this. I love my kids with all I got. They make me happy. Without them, I would not be happy.

There you have the top 10 things that make me happy. All of these make me happy. My mom, dad, husband and kids make me the happiest. I don't know what I would do without them. So, what about you? What makes you happy?

Top Photo Credit: meg price

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