7 Good Habits to Develop Now ...


7 Good Habits to Develop Now ...
7 Good Habits to Develop Now ...

We all need good habits and lose the bad ones of course. To get rid of the bad habits, you can simply trade them out with good ones. Some habits can be tossed out easier than others. Please read my 7 Good Habits To Develop Now...

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Cleaning Photo Credit: konaboy

This has always been a good habit. However, you need to avoid being OCD about it. You can clean every day for one hour or two and then you can enjoy a good clean house. This is a perfect habit to get with today, because it’s always healthy being clean.


Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands Photo Credit: Stewf

This habit should be a no brainer, but there is so many people getting caught not washing their hands after sneezing or even using the rest room. Ew right? Well, there are people that work in fast food places that don’t wash their hands. There are thousands of deadly germs out there that could kill you or get you very sick.


Don’t Liter

Don’t Liter Photo Credit: KC_JAKE

Be green stay green, because this planet is nasty dirty. Throw away your garbage in bag and make sure you don’t liter. We might have cleaning crews or inmates to clean the roads up, but how many animals or other things are you destroying when littering?



Recycle! Photo Credit: Urban Woodswalker

Yes, I’m being green, but do you know that our landfills and garbage locations are getting full? We could downsize our landfills and recycle to allow our children’s children to flourish like we do. You also can save space.


Eat Right!!!!

Eat Right!!!! Photo Credit: Elitsa

Eating right is the perfect habit! You should learn to eat veggies, fruits and fiber. A healthy body means a healthy life style and a happy body. So many people suffer from obesity and depression. This is a healthy habit to start now!


Talk on Your Cell Phone when You’re Not Driving

Talk on Your Cell Phone when You’re Not Driving Photo Credit: mrJasonWeaver

Texting and talking on a cell phone is one of the worst and most deadliest habit to have. Make it a good habit to talk on the cell or text while on the side of the road or even in the parking lot. You can save lives with this habit.


Save Wildlife!

Save Wildlife! Photo Credit: tropicaLiving

Wildlife is important to the eco system and needs to be helped. You can help the wildlife by donating or even promoting wild life in your yard. You can have a bird feeder or even a koi fish pond. There is tons of ways to put wild life in your yard and it’s a good habit to have.

Good habits are good to have to be in a healthy life. If you have bad habits it’s important to trade them out with good ones. Start having good habits and try to live the best way you can. Also, always think of others and why you should take care of the earth. Do you take these habits to mind?

Top Photo Credit: pokoroto

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