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5 Ways to Prettify Your Life...

By Meream

1 Your Yard, This Weekend

This idea is purely for Halloween. Check out the link to see some pumpkin-carving suggestions from Melanie. I think I want to see the WoW design she made...

2 Your Sanctuary

Do you like indoor plants? If you do, bromeliads might just help you make your home prettier. If you don't know how to take care of them, check out this gardening link.

3 Your Dining Set

Here is a beautiful napkin ring to give your dinners a touch of fabulous. It's done in fall colors with fall elements but I think you can use it all year.

4 Your Wardrobe

Nothing like sparkles to make you feel pretty. Here are some shiny things to have in your closet. Tell me, how gorgeous is the gray tube dress?

5 Your Vanity

Violet gave us a fun review on several beauty products that you girls will want on your vanity. Probably only because the packaging is gosh-darn gorgeous!

What pretty things are you coveting right now? Share them with us and we'll covet them together!

Top Photo Credit: Bogdan Suditu

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