7 Secrets of Staying Young ...

By Aprille

7 Secrets of Staying Young ...

For most people staying young is a great challenge because of many things concerning: every day stress, lack of time, or even money. In our times people that passed the age of fifty refuse to be called old, they make sport, keep diets .Smokers for example usually look older than the rest, depressed people and alcoholic also. Our face can talk about the health problems that we have, people who laugh much have the tendency to look younger. Let’s see some secrets about how to maintain ourselves young for as many years as possible in our lifetime…

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7 Avoid Hard Diets

Avoid Hard Diets Photo Credit: Fast Food Critic

These are a bad thing for our health, they cause our body to endure lack of essential elements. The worst thing diets do is making us loose fat quickly and then after its effect ends, making us be even fatter.

6 Sleep Long Enough

Sleep Long Enough Photo Credit: girlmeetsboyandotheradventures

First sign of a short sleepless night is seen on the face. Sleep is a unique moment for our cells when they can regenerate and divide in silence so there is no reason for us to spend our nights awake, if we respect our bodies we will receive youth back.

5 Little Sun Exposure

Little Sun Exposure Photo Credit: Oceano Mare

Even if it brings good mood and joy it is also responsible for skin degradation over time, especially over the age of fifty, it is good to walk in the sun, but we must not abuse it. A good consume of water or any liquid daily is recommended for hydrating the skin.

4 Cold Showers Instead of Hot Baths

Cold Showers Instead of Hot Baths Photo Credit: torekimi

Heat makes our blood vessels expand, causing our tissues to lose water, showers stimulate circulation. The best recipe is alternating between cold and warm.

3 Practice Sport

Practice Sport Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Muscles deteriorate if they are not used, without them our bodies become uglier. A hard sport is not necessary, but we have to walk and climb stairs every day because this increases blood movement between tissues and makes our skin look better.

2 Watch the Back

Watch the Back Photo Credit: SarahmayK

After the age of twenty, the vertebrae lose their elasticity, to avoid blockages and enjoy a healthy back we have to avoid wrong positions on the chair or carrying heavy stuff.

1 Eat with Moderation

Eat with Moderation Photo Credit: Betty Crocker Recipes

Give high priority to things that stop our cells decaying like vitamins from vegetables and fruits but also calcium from milk and cheese, element which gives strength to our bones. Not eating the proper things is a quick getting old scheme for us bringing diseases and suffering.

Water represents seventy percent from our body weight at the age of twenty and fifty percent after the age of sixty. This explains why our skin looks so dry after we get old. It makes perfect sense, because life appeared from this great element of nature. So let’s drink a glass of water and think positive because joy is one of the things that makes us stay young…isn’t it? And let’s not forget to laugh every day because it relaxes our muscles and brings the out the happiness hormones oxygenating the brain.

Top Photo Credit: IronRodArt - Royce Bair

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