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8 Ways to Be Comfortable in Your Skin ...

By Alison

The French have a saying ‘être bien dans sa peau’. This means to be comfortable in your skin, or at ease with yourself. We spend so much time wanting to look different, but it’s so much better to be comfortable with who you are. Here are some ways to achieve that.

1 Accept Yourself

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Why do we find it so hard to accept ourselves as we are? I know it’s taken me many years to do so! But I’m much happier for it. I might not be perfect, but who is? If other people don’t like me, that’s their problem – I’m perfectly content with myself!

2 Focus on Positives

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How much time is wasted thinking ‘if only I was taller/better-looking/slimmer/looked like …’? Funny thing is that other people generally don’t notice our perceived imperfections! So stop fretting about the size of your nose and instead focus on what you like about yourself, such as your lovely smile or colour of your hair.


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3 Enjoy Maturing

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Youth doesn’t last forever, so don’t waste time wishing you could have it back. So what if you’re not as fresh-faced as you were when you were 20? There are lots of positives to maturing, so make the most of it and enjoy the advantages that it brings.

4 Avoid Comparisons

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Whether it’s comparing ourselves to celebrities, sisters, friends or a girl in the street, we all do this, wishing we looked like someone else. This really doesn’t achieve anything, other than depressing us. We’re not going to look exactly like someone else, let’s be ourselves!

5 Forget Perfection

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Magazines, cosmetic companies and stores make a fortune trying to sell us a dream of perfection. If we buy that cream or that dress, we will look like the model. No we won’t! There’s no point in aspiring to perfection, and I for one don’t want to.

6 Be Yourself

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Being comfortable in your skin doesn’t just mean physically, but psychologically as well. I’ve learned to like myself after many years. I may not be to everyone’s taste but I am who I am, with my flaws and strengths.

7 Develop Your Own Style

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Avoid slavishly following fashions and trying to emulate someone else’s style, as it will be obvious. Plus it might not suit you. By all means incorporate elements that you admire, but make them your own with an individual touch.

8 Grooming

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If you like to look smart, then pay attention to grooming, as that will help you feel good. But if you’re the jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, then don’t try to be something you’re not, as you will clearly be uncomfortable. Just be yourself!

I hope these tips will help you be ‘comfortable in your skin’. It’s the only one you’ll have, so learn to love it! How do you feel about yourself – are you comfortable with who and how you are?

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