7 New Years Resolutions I Now Have to Keep ...

One of the best way to keep your New Year's resolutions is to make them public. That way, you can't put them off or forget about them. So, I am going one better than sharing them with my friends and family. I'm sharing them here, so there will be hundreds of thousands of people aware of what I want to do in 2011. Don't let me forget about any of this, y'all, 'cause here are 7 New Year's Resolutions I now have to keep.

1. Lose Weight

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This is a biggie. Like, I have to do this, because it's always on my list of resolutions and I never come through on it. There are a variety of reasons I want to lose weight, starting with getting healthy, which is the most important, and ending with wanting to look good. Most of all I want to feel good about myself, and there are just way too many days now where I am just not happy.

2. Drink More Water

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This is a bad one. I hate water, I don't know why. I've gotten good about drinking naturally flavored waters, so that's good, but I still need to drink more. Water is so good for you, I know that, and I still can't make myself drink a lot of it.

3. Eat Healthier Foods

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I don't eat a lot of junk food, and since moving to MA, I have pretty much cut fast food out of my diet, mainly because the nearest Taco Bell is ridiculously far away. Still, more poultry and fish, more raw vegetables, more fruits, and things like that, they all need to be seriously incorporated into my diet this year.

4. Deal with Stress

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I really need to learn how to deal with stress in a healthier and more positive way. As it stands, I basically give myself aneurysms every time I get edgy about anything. The smallest things set me off and I just need to learn how to meditate or something, so it doesn't get to me so badly.

5. Write More

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I love writing. I'm a writer. I want to be a better writer. I need to create time to write, for myself, every single. That might mean writing a short story, adding to the book I hope to write, or simply journaling. Whatever the case, I need to give myself time to do it, so I can enjoy it.

6. Be More Tolerant

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I'm intolerant of a lot of things. I'm intolerant of intolerance, stupidity, people – you know, things like that. As much as I try not to, the behavior of other people frequently gets on my nerves. I need to stop that. It's not healthy, I can't control how people act, and I need to stop getting upset about the things I can't control. I need to live with what I can't change.

7. Finish My Book

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Well of course I'm writing a book. I have been for the last year. Even if I can't get it fully finished this year, I really need to try, and I definitely need to take the time to continue researching and working on it. This is one of those things where I won't be satisfied until it's perfect, but that's cool. I've got a whole year to get it there, right?

So there they are, right out in the open. I hope making them public will help me keep up with them, and I promise to keep y'all posted if you're interested. What are some of your resolutions? Do you want to try putting them out there?

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