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7 Things I Will Put in My New Year's Resolution ...

By Jelena

Every new year is a brand new chance to fix the mistakes you’ve made and start leading a better, happier more fulfilled life. I, personally, enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions and, this one, the Resolution for 2011 will be a very important one for me, because I have many changes coming my way this year. So here are some of the most important things I’m going to put in it:

1 Learn How to Chill

My mom always said there’s no point crying over spilled milk. “When something goes wrong, think rationally and see if there’s a way to fix it. If not, leave it and move along but make sure you learn something out of it.” Now, why was this always such a problem for me? Why do I stress over things that are not worth it? I have no idea, but I know I’m ready to change that!

2 Organize Myself Better

Planning and organizing used to be my middle name and I hope I’ll be able to go back to that. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong or what has changed but I noticed my organizational skills are getting worse and that I don’t have as much free time as I used to have. I’ll get myself a planner and start writing down everything I need to do along with the time needed to do it.


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3 Make a Family Tree

When I was younger, knowing who my ancestors were was not on my list of priorities. Things have changed now, and I definitely don’t want to leave my country not knowing everything there is to know about my family. I think every person should make a family tree at some point. You don’t need to have a very big reason to do it – the desire to discover who you are is enough. After all, you might even discover that you had a famous relative. How cool would that be, huh?

4 Spend More Time with the People I Love

Did you notice that we often neglect the people we love thinking, “Okay, I’ll see them tomorrow, it’s not like they are going to go anywhere.” Tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month and before you know it, you end up seeing each other two times a year. I, for example, have only one year left with all my dear friends because I doubt we’ll be able to keep in touch a lot after I get married and relocate permanently. I will come back to visit them, of course, but I doubt it will be as often as I do now. You see, drastic changes often happen without notice and you can never tell how things will work out in the end. So use your time wisely and spend it with the people you love.

5 Learn New Things

Yes, I always put this in my New Year’s resolution and I’ll keep doing that for as long as my desire to make them lasts. Why? Because you can never know everything and every little thing you learn makes you understand how much is there to see, do and know. Knowing a lot of things makes you feel kind of special - you don’t have to go around demonstrating how much you know, just knowing it is enough.

6 See the Pyramids

First things come first – no sane person would travel the world knowing he/she would have nothing to eat and no house to come back to once the journey is over. However, we all spend too much money on things we don’t really need. Am I right? I’ve promised myself I’ll never turn into one of those people who spend their lifetime trying to impress others with fancy clothes and expensive outings and die without realizing the world is a huge, colorful amazing place worth checking out. I’ve seen the Acropolis, Juliette’s balcony, Santa Maria Della Salute, I’ve seen Venice flooded and completely dry, seen the magnificent Coliseum. This year I want to see the pyramids and next year… who knows! I’m still young and my travel wish list is still full.

7 Do Something Crazy

I’m a rational Libra who needs a lot of thinking before she’s ready to make the final decision. I rarely do crazy things and you’d have better chances of seeing a pig fly than me doing anything that could be described as “rash” or “crazy” . I don’t really know what is it that I want to do but when I do it I’ll definitely let you know. A Burlesque show maybe… LOL!

But, what will you put on your list this year? Do you like general resolutions like I do, or you prefer to make your resolution longer by listing specific things like, “I won’t skip my beauty sleeps.” or , “I’ll stop being late.”?

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