5 Things to do for a Healthy Life ...


5 Things to do for a Healthy Life ...
5 Things to do for a Healthy Life ...

One example is Bruschetta. Made with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic paste, these are one of the easiest healthy snacks you can make.

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Do you know notice the small things that make you happy? Be inspired by Emily and her Five Things posts.


Suburban Grandma has wonderful tips on growing your own potatoes. If you love them spuds, you will want to read these.


Having beautiful things around you will, somehow, make you feel happy. Flowers are great examples. Check out the link for tips on growing daffodils.


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You have to love the SELF in order to reduce stress in your life. After the link, you will read amazing tips on how to accomplish this.

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What a lovely post, Meream. I love healthy snacks, and gardening veggies and flowers. They truly are relaxing and rewarding at the same time, by having fresh and healthy food, plus saving money. Thank you for stopping by to read my posts, and the link to my potato growing experience. I am also looking forward to harvesting my strawberries, which are already blooming plentifully.

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