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5 Things to do for a Healthy Life ...

By Meream

1 Good Snacks

One example is Bruschetta. Made with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and garlic paste, these are one of the easiest healthy snacks you can make.

2 Small Things

Do you know notice the small things that make you happy? Be inspired by Emily and her Five Things posts.

3 Give Life

Suburban Grandma has wonderful tips on growing your own potatoes. If you love them spuds, you will want to read these.

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4 Beautiful Surroundings

Having beautiful things around you will, somehow, make you feel happy. Flowers are great examples. Check out the link for tips on growing daffodils.

5 Serenity, Exercise, Love, Food

You have to love the SELF in order to reduce stress in your life. After the link, you will read amazing tips on how to accomplish this.

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