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8 Things You Can Achieve ... Even if You Don't Think You Can ...

By Alison

It often astonishes me how it is seen as boasting to be proud of our achievements, and I wonder if this contributes to a lack of confidence in our own abilities. Many times we think that we are not capable of achieving a lot of things. However, if we only try it is surprising what we can do. Like the following …

1 Driving Test

Regrettably, I was not one of those people who passed their test first time. Or even on the second attempt. No, it took me four tries before I succeeded, because of nerves. I really thought I would never get there, but I did in the end. And some people take even more tests than I did …

2 Financial Independence

Sometimes we find ourselves single after long relationships, and it is a daunting prospect not just emotionally, but financially. How can we cope with paying the bills alone? In such situations, we can become very resourceful, and find our way back to being financially independent.

3 Exams

Nobody likes exams, and because there is often so much riding on them that puts a lot of pressure on us. It is very easy to doubt our ability to pass, and fear that we won’t succeed in something that we need to fulfil a career ambition. But just think of that wonderful feeling when we learn we’ve passed!

4 Living Independently

Whether through divorce, widowhood or the kids leaving home, many women are now living alone. Emotionally, this change can be incredibly daunting, and facing an empty house can make women feel very down. But we can do it! We can take care of ourselves in every way.

5 Fixing Things

Of course we women aren’t necessarily helpless when it comes to fixing things, but unless someone has shown us how to go about it, we can worry about getting it wrong. Sometimes you need a professional, but it feels really good when you do manage to fix something around the house.

6 Assembling Furniture

Now, this is where my talent lies. Yes, I am one of the few people who can actually assemble flat-pack furniture. IKEA is a source of joy for me. Tables, bookshelves and TV units are a doddle. I am planning to move on to a wardrobe for my next challenge …

7 Surviving a Breakup

Behind the divorce statistics is the reality of a lot of people finding themselves living alone unexpectedly. I didn’t feel I would be able to cope, but a few years after my divorce I am quite happily living alone, and have learnt how to deal with practical issues as well.

8 Coping with Single Parenthood

I have a friend who became a single parent when she was very young, and she has done a fantastic job of bringing up her children to be independent, capable young adults. Single parenthood is a very daunting prospect, as it is rarely through choice, but people do cope fantastically well, in spite of the negative press given to them.

What achievements have you surprised yourself with, and how did it make you feel knowing that you’d done something you didn’t expect?

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