34 Lessons and Truths You Need to Know ...


34 Lessons and Truths You Need to Know ...
34 Lessons and Truths You Need to Know ...

Life is our greatest teacher and there are many things we can learn from it. Most lessons are hard. But once you learn and accept them, they have the power to make life a wonderful experience. Unlike lessons in school, these life lessons and truths are universal. They transcend time, race, and culture. No matter what your status in society is, they are applicable and useful in your life. Take time to read about 34 of these life lessons and truths.

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Life is Hard

No one ever said that life is going to be easy and painless. If you learn to accept this truth, the challenges won’t come as such big surprises and you can work on finding solutions quicker.


The World Doesn’t Owe You Anything

The world doesn’t owe you anything; nothing at all. It is up to you to create the life you want and to acquire the things you deem important. Quit waiting for a handout and do something!


You Can’t Win Big if You Don’t Risk

I think the perfect example of how this truth works is a game show. If players don’t take risks, they may lose their chances of winning the jackpot. The same thing goes for real life. If you are not willing to risk, then you may lose out on something even greater.


You Can’t Please Everyone

Trying to please everyone is a near impossible feat. Everyone has different preferences and we can’t satisfy them all. You will really be exhausted if you try to make everyone happy. Just do your thing and hope that things work out for the best.


Money is Important but It’s Not All That

While money is important, it is not all that. Money is not worth sacrificing the other areas of your life such as your relationships, your health, and especially your happiness. You need to determine what matters more to you: money or true fulfillment.


Fear is the Mind Killer

Not only is fear a mind killer, it is also thief of dreams and ambitions. When you let fear control you, you miss out on many opportunities that may come only once in your life. Let fear pass like any other emotion and then get on with your plans and your life.


Only You Can Change Yourself and Your Life

No one can help you if you don’t help yourself. Don’t expect people to keep doling out help if you are resistant to it. The change needs to come from within you for it to be real and long lasting.


You Can’t Change People

To believe that we can change people is a misconception. We can drive and encourage them to change but the final decision is theirs to make. Real change is one that comes from the individuals themselves and not one that is forced by external forces.


You Can’t Change the past

We can’t move forward in life if we become stuck in the past. All we can really do is learn from our mistakes and our choices. Once we get that into our hearts and minds, then our lives can truly begin.


Honesty is Underrated

It seems like our world frowns upon honesty and favors deceit. Even if lying is easier, it causes more pain. The truth, on the other hand, liberates us. Seriously, honesty is underrated and we should all be more truthful in our daily lives.


You Can’t Deny Your Feelings without Hurting Yourself

Have you noticed that the more you suppress your anger, the more explosive it becomes? That’s because you can’t forever hide anything that begs to be expressed. Learn to express your feelings in the most constructive or positive way possible.


Hate, Anger, and Jealousy Only Hurt You

Hate, anger, and jealousy are negative emotions that, while aimed at other people, can hurt you more in the long run. These emotions suck your positive energy and can even cause you to feel physically sick.


Living in the “now” is All You Can Really do

Many of us are either dwelling on the past or planning for the future and we wonder why we can’t enjoy life. If you want a truly happy life, you need to learn to live in the “now”. It’s all you can really do because the past is gone and the future is still to come.


Don’t Be Afraid of Uncertainty

We have to accept that things can change in an instant. The things we know today may no longer be true the next day. We need to embrace the mystery of tomorrow and live each moment without holding back.


Passion is a Key to Happiness

When you follow your passion, whatever it may be, then you are bringing happiness into your life. Acknowledging your passions is the same as honoring what is in your heart of hearts. We need to stop being afraid of being true to ourselves and our passions.


The Truth is Relative

Great thinkers, scientists, and prophets have claimed that they have found the truth about certain things. But what we have to realize is that the truth is relative. What is true for one person may not resonate with another.


Stick to Your Personal Beliefs and Truths

Don’t be afraid to investigate and delve deeper into the things that you have been taught. Only when you do this will you find the beliefs and truths that will help you live a full life. And when you find what works for you, be strong in your conviction.


Death is Inevitable

We all have felt the fear of death or dying several times in our lives. I think we can’t help it because we end up getting attached to the lives we lead. We need to accept that death is inevitable. And with that, we should live each day like it’s our last.


Another Person Can’t Make You Whole

Relationships on television and movies are depicted as two people completing each other. However, only you can work at finding the pieces that make you complete. The other person may bring out the best in you but he or she can’t make you whole.


Nothing is Truly Free

As the popular saying goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” And that is true. Everything in this world costs something – time, money, effort, even lives. Think about that the next time you think you are getting something for free.


Words Are Truly Powerful

Often, the power of words is forgotten or taken for granted. Words can build or destroy relationships, empower or bring down people, and can bring joy, sadness or evoke anger. We must be careful with the words we utter; we can’t take them back.


Nothing Ever Happens as You Imagined It

Over-thinking and chronic worry are two causes of unnecessary stress. We make up scenarios in our heads about the future, turning us into nervous wrecks. In reality, the things we imagine turn out to be far less serious than we imagined them to be.


The Worst Thing You Can do is Break a Promise to Yourself

When you break promises you make to other people, both of you somehow feel bad. Just imagine what it’s like to break a promise to yourself. You are not only breaking your self-trust, but you are giving yourself permission to be complacent in the future.


You Don’t Have to Finish Everything You Start

We should be not afraid of having some unfinished business. Sometimes, when you stop doing something, you are simply admitting that your time is better spent elsewhere or that you have learned what you set out to learn. Don’t consider yourself a failure.


Life is a Journey We Embark Alone

Revel in the thought that we are in this life journey alone. We will meet companions and get help along the way but essentially, we are on our own. Learn to love yourself so that you can be in your own company.


Wasting Time is the Greatest Waste of All

Time is something immaterial but of great importance to all of us. It is also a commodity that is in great demand but always in shortage. Learn to use your time doing things that matter to you. Every minute that passes is a minute of your life you won’t get back.


Many Will Love You, Some Won’t

Not everyone will agree or be happy with your actions and decisions. There will be people who will love you despite of who and what you are. But there will be others who will not like you just because they can. Decide who deserves your time and attention.


You Have the Power to Change Your Life

Sure, fate and the natural course of things can influence the events in our lives. However, they should not be used as an excuse to relinquish responsibility over yourself and your actions. You are not helpless; you have the power to change your life.


Failures Are Lessons to Be Learned

As much as we want to do everything right, we are bound to make mistakes and failures. But from such negative experiences, you have the opportunity to learn and understand yourself and your capabilities and limitations.


Compete with Yourself, Not with Others

It is true that someone will always be better or worse than you. Instead of taking comfort or motivation from that fact, try to stop comparing yourself with others. It would be more productive to compete with yourself. Try to better yourself for the sake of you.


People Come and Go

People leave as abruptly as they come into our lives. We never know what the future holds for our relationships so it is best to cherish the time we have with the people we love. Show them care and affection while you still can.


Choose Your Goals and Material Wants Well

As much as we want to do and have everything, that is not possible. That is why you need to carefully choose the goals and material possessions you want to achieve and acquire. Life is short and you need to focus your energy on the essentials.


The Most Meaningful Things Are the Hardest to Achieve

More often than not, the harder you need to work for something, the more it means to you. And likewise, the more something means to you, the harder you will work for it. Try to see how that resonates in your own life.


The Most Important Truths Are the Hardest to Accept

In the course of this life, there are many things that you need to learn and come to terms with. Often times, the harder the lesson or truth is, the greater its power to change your life. Don’t be afraid of learning the truth; it will liberate you.

Don’t be in a rush to learn and accept these lessons and truths. Internalize them so they can take root and flourish in your spirit. Please do share some of the life truths and lessons that you have learned in the course of your life. I would also love to learn from you.

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really nice post. I really like it

Precious lessons! One thing I just learned is "passion is the key to happiness"

Life is not hard unless you believe it is. What you believe is exactly what will re-create into your life. Other than that I think all your points are excellent. I wish everyone would learn these things.

A pretty good lessons.

I love you

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