10 Beauty Tricks You Need to Know ...


10 Beauty Tricks You Need to Know ...
10 Beauty Tricks You Need to Know ...

Have you ever noticed how some women seem to be clued up on make up tips, and others don’t have a clue? Many times I’ve wondered how women are expected to learn, and just recently, I’ve been collecting the beauty tricks of my favorite beautiful people. After all, we all want to look great! Here are my favourite beauty tips that you need to know…

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Skip the Foundation

Skip the Foundation Available at sephora.com

This probably is my favoritebeauty secret to share. Most women do not need foundation. While it can become a habit to apply, its purpose is to give a smooth surface for make up application, and an even tone. More and more teens are wearing it, though. The first make up tip every woman should know? Foundation does not cover upnasty acne, and most women simply don’t need it.


Concealer Tip

Concealer Tip Available at sephora.com

Concealer is a life saverif you use it correctly and is very easy to apply. So why are most women taught to rub it in?! Concealer is meant to be patted in, not rubbed. This allows it to cover up blemishes ‘naturally’, without irritating the blemish further.


Lips or Eyes

Lips or Eyes Available at sephora.com

Similar to legs or cleavage, this is one of those rules which should never be broken. If you areplaying up your eyes, use a nude lipstick, and if you are going for statement lips, keep eyes neutral and apply a coat of a great mascara.


Natural is Hot

Natural is Hot Available at sephora.com

Whatever colour your hair naturally is, that’s the colour that will suit you best. If you need to change it, try going a few shades darker, or adding some highlights. It’ll look much better than looking like you’ve had a dodgy hair cut! If you do dye your hair, make sure you fix it afterwards. I love this serum, which always leaves my hair looking and feeling gorgeous!


Vaseline is a Handbag Essential

Vaseline is a Handbag Essential Available at amazon.com
Vaseline is amazing! It effortlessly removes eye make up, soothes cracked lips, and even makes a good emergency mascara. Every woman should have one in her handbag! They even make body lotions containing Vaseline now, so your whole body can appreciate the goodness.



Sunscreen Available at sephora.com

Never skip sunscreen. Get into the habit ofputting on sunscreenbefore your make up even on cloudy and wet days and you’ll enjoy healthy and gorgeous skin much longer then anyone else. UV rays can penetrate car windows and clouds, which means your skin can even be being damaged in storms!


Keep Nails Healthy


Available at sephora.com

Look after your hands. Many people will take notice of the condition of ones hands and feet, so keep them looking great. If you can, have a weekly manicure, or give one to yourself using a manicure kit like this one. If you don’t have the time, simply keep nails clean, the same length and tidy. Beautiful nails = A beautiful you!


Don’t Line inside Your Eyes

Don’t Line inside Your Eyes Available at sephora.com

I can’t remember how many times I was told that lining inside your eyes was adult and professional. But in real life it can actually makes your eyes look smaller, and carries a huge risk of irritation. So if you are not sure this look's good for you, it probably isn't, so just invest in some gorgeous coloured eye liners(I love these ones by Urban Decay, which are so easy to use!) apply them closely to your eyelashes and smudge after application.


Play up Your Best Feature

Play up Your Best Feature Available at sephora.com

Look at what people always compliment you on, and play this up. Bambi eyes? Make an impact with lashings of mascara. Gorgeous lips? Red lipstick is a classic way to play up lips, and oozes sophistication if its done right. If you aren’t sure, go for a make over at a high street make up branch, and pay attention to where they focus on.


Scrubs Are Great for Dry Skin

Scrubs Are Great for Dry Skin Available at sephora.com

If you have dry skin, get used to using scrubs in the shower, and moisturizing heavily when you get out. This will keep your skin in amazing condition, and prevent you from suffering sore skin due to dehydration. I love these Sephora scrubs, which come in lots of scents and colours, and are really affordable too.

I’ll definitely be making sure that I share these tips with my friends and future children, and hoping that they’ll help people avoid some of the horrible make up mistakes I made…Have you got a tip that every woman should know? Please share!

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Great tips! I agree 100% with the first about Foundation....avoid looking unnatural if you don't need it. Baby the skin you've already got and you wont need to cover it up!

thx fos these wonderful tips!!! some guys do look at our hands and feet!!

thanks so much... you have collected ones of the best tips.. great effort :)

These tips will help me through! :)

Thanks for the tips! So many of our customers are always looking for resources and ideas to keep their skin looking great, and to keep it looking natural. Your tips fit both of those criteria. Thanks again.

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