9 Rules of Beauty You Can Break ...


9 Rules of Beauty You Can Break ...
9 Rules of Beauty You Can Break ...

You've all heard about them. Certain rules and regulations about beauty that you're never supposed to break. I think that's rubbish! Beauty is an individual thing that often defines rules. So in that spirit, here are 9 rules of beauty you can feel free to break!

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Don't Count Your Strokes

Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

Have you ever been told that you need to brush your hair 100 times to give it shine and body? Well, not so much. It's not going to give you super healthy hair either. In fact, it can damage your hair. If you brush it too much, your hair can start breaking. So, just brush as much as you need to, so you can banish the tangles and snarls.


Liner Doesn't = Longer

Liner Doesn't = Longer Image source: lipvillage.com

Everybody says your lip liner needs to match your lipstick, adding that it will make your lipstick stay on longer. Really, though, this doesn't work. Especially if you line your lips in a darker color, you can end up with some really weird looking dark lines at the end of the evening. What you can do to make your lip color last longer is color in the entirety of your lips with liner, then apply the gloss over it.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

Your shampoo tells you to do this. Your friends tell you to do this. Your stylist tells you do this. Countless beauty experts tell you to do this. You know what? Don't do this. Washing your hair too much can strip the natural oils out of your hair, and that's bad. In fact, it can damage your hair. Promise, just once will do it – maybe another wash if your hair feels really dirty, but don't do it all the time.


File This Way

File This Way Image source: sciencephoto.com

I always hear people telling me to file my nails in just the one direction. That's actually not necessary, as long as you're careful. Sure, if you saw back and forth, you're going to damage your nail. However, if you just file gently back and forth, it's not going to make your nails weak or brittle. I promise; I do it all the time.


OMG Your Roots Are Showing

OMG Your Roots Are Showing Image source: 3.bp.blogspot.com

I react in horror when I start to see my roots in the middle – which is really stupid in my case, because my roots are merely light brown and the rest of my hair is maybe two shades darker. But still brown. Evidently, I can stop this, and so can you, because the “ombre” hair trend actually relies on visible roots. The catch is that the roots are dark and the strands of hair grow lighter toward their tips. Darn it!


Redheads Can't Wear Red

Redheads Can't Wear Red Image source: img3.visualizeus.com

Were you ever told that redheads can't wear red lipstick? Well, my gorgeous ginger girls, I call BS on that bollocks. It's simply not true! You can and should go with a red lip – as long as it's appropriate, of course. Probably don't do it when you're going shopping or something.


Don't Pluck There

Don't Pluck There Image source: beautytipsandtricks.co.uk

I think this so-called beauty rule is stupid. So experts and whatnot say that you shouldn't pluck the hairs above your eyebrows. Uhm what? But there are ugly stray hairs up there. And the lady who waxes the crap out of my hairy, awful eyebrows always waxes up there. This rule makes no sense – so don't worry about breaking it, or continuing to break it if you already do, because there's no other way to get a defined, sculpted brow.


Chocolate Causes Zits

Chocolate Causes Zits Image source: img.webmd.com

Oh this makes me so happy. I've long suspected this, of course, and I'm sure many of you have as well. Although certain foods, especially greasy ones, can exacerbate existing skin problems, there is no conclusive proof that any kind of food will actually cause you to get pimples. At the very least, chocolate is innocent.


You're Too Cool to Wear Warm

You're Too Cool to Wear Warm Image source: nitrolicious.com

So, I have no idea whether I'm warm or cool. Whether I'm a summer, spring, winter, or fall. Yadda, yadda, yadda. And guess what? It doesn't matter. As long as your foundation matches your skin tone well enough, the rest of your makeup is up for grabs – as long as it looks lovely, of course.

Rules really were meant to be broken. There's no sense in being limited when you're expressing yourself and your idea of beauty. Are there any beauty rules you love to break?

Top Photo Credit: Franomilano

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Nice to read this. The lips in the picture is so beautiful.

Guilty with letting my roots show. I just do not have the time to go to the parlor more often

wow very beautiful.. i like that lips

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