7 Weird and Wonderful Beauty Treatments ...


We go to great lengths to defy age and prolong beauty, and we subject our body and skin to all sorts of things to keep it looking tip top. We might also need our spiritual health looking after, so visiting a spa or beauty salon is not alien to most of us I reckon, but just how many of this list would you try? Here are 7 weird and wonderful beauty treatments...

1. Skin-eating Fish

Skin-eating Fish

These are very in right now in the UK. Little fish (garra rufa) are cropping up in pools in salons everywhere. You stick your feet in and the fish nibble at dead skin cells. Some spas in the Far East are also now doing full immersion pools where the fishies can get at your whole body. The fish reputedly excrete an enzyme that may help with skin problems like acne.

2. Beer Spa

Beer Spa

In Germany, Czech Republic and Austria you can sit in a bubbling tub of warm beer. Apparently the yeast content aids complexion and relieves muscle stress. I wonder what kind of beer they use? And how they get the smell out of your skin after, so you don't smell like a brewery all day!

3. Snake Massage

Snake Massage

If you visit Northern Israel be sure to pop along to the salon where you can pay to have snakes writhe all over your body to ease aching muscles and stiff joints. Creepy, but I wonder if it works?

4. Nightingale Facial

There are possibly many uses for bird poo and I never imagined one of them would be to smear it over your face as a beauty treatment but that’s exactly what they do at Diamond Hawaii Resort Spa.

5. Cheek Toner

Cheek Toner

In Japan they use a plastic device that looks like sunny-side-up eggs to roll over the face to firm and rosy up the cheeks. It seems to work, and doesn't involve bird poo, so I'd try it!

6. Ramen Soup Bath

Ramen Soup Bath

Do you fancy sitting in a cauldron of ramen noodles and pork broth? They do in Japan, no surprises there. Collagen is also added to the soup mix as is garlic and it’s all designed to improve skin tone and boost your metabolism.

7. Arctic Ice Room

Arctic Ice Room

I have no idea why anyone would want to or what the supposed benefits are, but at the Qua Spa in Las Vegas’s Caesar's Palace, you can sit in a 55°F room where real snowflakes float down on you from the ceiling, and a mint infused breeze is blown in through vents. Well, I guess it’s one way to chill out!

There really are some weird things out there, from bull semen shampoo to breast milk soap... I'm not sure I'd try those weird beauty treatments... would you? Has your local salon introduced anything off the wall lately? Have you tried it, and if so, what did you think of it?

Top image source: edithsaylor.blogspot.in