7 Beauty Steps We Forget ...


7 Beauty Steps We Forget ...
7 Beauty Steps We Forget ...

I know, we’re all very busy ladies. But that’s no reason to skimp on your beauty routine and end up looking far less than polished. While I’m quite guilty of some of these minor beauty faux-pas myself, I swear by all that’s girlie I’ll try harder. Here are 7 beauty steps we forget.

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Moisturize Photo Credit: ~*~...nicole...~*~

Is there anything less attractive (or more irritating) that dry, scaly skin? Every time I forget to apply my moisturizer, I feel like a dried up alligator, and I’m so itchy! So now I keep a small bottle in my handbag, just in case… but even better, I try not to forget this beauty step!


Facial Hair

Facial Hair Photo Credit: Kuro

This is something no-one told me about aging: facial hair. UNWANTED facial hair. Not a lot of it. Just a few stray, well, WHISKERS, poking out of my chin. Eek! I pluck mine conscientiously, but not everyone does… though they should…



Eyebrows Photo Credit: eloganphotography

I admit that I occasionally forget to groom and tweeze my eyebrows. But what surprises me is how many women I see who either don’t care that they have hairy gorilla eyebrows, or that they simply forget to groom AND tweeze them. If you don’t have time to pluck, there are so many other methods… but do something! Don’t skip or forget this beauty step!


Odd Hairs

Odd Hairs Photo Credit:

I have a stray, thick black hair that likes to grow out of the beauty mark on my face. As soon as I can feel it growing (which is a lot sooner than I can SEE it), I pluck it out. The same goes for any other errant, embarrassing hairs. What amazes me is how often I see women with crazy hairs in the oddest places. Why doesn’t someone TELL them?


Body Lotion

Body Lotion Photo Credit: madamelulu

Much like skipping your moisturizer, forgetting your body lotion is a bad idea. You’ll be itchy. You’ll be ashy. You’ll be dry. You’ll be flaky. Keep a small bottle with you, and try to remember to apply lotion right after your shower, when, for some reason, your skin absorbs it better.


Bikini Line

Bikini Line Photo Credit: GirlyGirl

I can’t count how many times I’ve been at the pool or the beach and seen another woman with an unkempt bikini line. Not to be nasty, but no-one wants to see hairs poking out all over the place! Before heading to the beach, try on your swimsuit and make sure nothing’s showing that shouldn’t be. Please, don’t skip or forget this beauty step!


Take It All off!

Take It All off! Photo Credit: Erlang

Another beauty step we tend to forget is to take everything off when we’re done with it — washing our faces before bed! I have an entire bed-time ritual, but it doesn’t have to be as complex as mine. Warm water and a washcloth or gentle cleanser will do the trick. Now that you’ve seen this list of the beauty steps we forget, which were you shocked to recall you haven’t done lately? I’m guilty of forgetting to take off my eye make-up… but I’ll try and do better! How about you?

Top Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

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