8 Eastern Beauty Ingredients ...


8 Eastern Beauty Ingredients ...
8 Eastern Beauty Ingredients ...

Have you noticed how many natural or spa products have an eastern flavour? We in the west seem to really love anything that has a whiff of exotic Asia. You have to admit that some of the ingredients are far more romantic sounding than tetrapolystyrolwhatnot or blah blah that appears on our highly processed skin and body products. Maybe that’s the attraction and here are 8 Eastern beauty ingredients that are inspiring many of our cosmetics and toiletries.

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Shea Butter

Shea Butter **Price: **$12.00 at threepillarstrading.com
Made from the Shea nut, the butter has similar properties to cocoa butter but it’s softer. It is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy finish. That makes it one of the Eastern beauty ingredients perfect as a moisturizer.



Rice Price: $15.00 at amazon.com
Rice is not only the staple food of Asian diets, but in two separate forms, it becomes terrific Eastern beauty ingredients. Rice Bran Oil is rich in Vitamin E antioxidants and can be used to nourish the skin and as a massage oil. Rice can also be used for sun protection. Balinese women use rice milk as a sunscreen.



Hibiscus **Price: **$20.00 at amazon.com
The whole bloom of the gorgeous and fragrant hibiscus flower is used to make milk. It is an excellent source of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), which are used to smooth wrinkles and improve the look and feel of skin. Using it will have your skin feeling softer and smoother in no time.



Patchouli Price: $6.95 at amazon.com
This fragrant herb is one of the Eastern beauty ingredients that has been used for countless centuries. Characterized by a distinct aroma, Patchouli is used in massage and burning oils as it aids relaxation. It's also frequently found in perfumes and colognes.


White Tea

White Tea Price: $20.00 at usahaircare.com
The delicate buds and tender leaves of new shoots of the tea plant are known as White Tea. Theyare full of antioxidants that have tremendous properties for skin care. The smell is quite fragrant as well.



Jasmine **Price: **$5.95 at amazon.com
Another of the really fragrant Eastern beauty ingredients, Jasmine is highly prized in perfumes. It is used in many other instances as well. It certainly smells lovely, and jasmine rice is also a delicacy. You've got to love versatility!


Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Price: $12.00 at thebodyshop-usa.com
We have actually been using this in the West for years, but it still deserves its place amongst Eastern beauty ingredients. It has excellent moisturizing properties because it melts at body temperature and can be used to treat dry skin caused by eczema, sunburn and scars. It's also beneficial in lightening stretch marks.



Frangipani Price: $76.00 at amazon.com
Even its name is exotic. As well as its intoxicating scent, Frangipani is one of the more prized of the Eastern beauty ingredients. Treat yourself and then get hold of a bloom to wear in your hair.

I’ve tried to select a few products that include these 8 wonderful Easter beauty ingredients but there’s a huge selection available. Just search away to your heart’s content for something that suits you and then please share anything exceptional with us. Do you have any other recommendations?

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