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8 Essential Beauty Products All Girls Should Own ...

By Rebecca

While there’s a lot to be said for natural beauty, ladies, we all need a little help every now and again. Good grooming is a real asset and it’s important that we have the right basic tools for the job. I’ve put together a list of 7 essential beauty products all girls should own: do you have all of them in your beauty arsenal?!

1 Body Butter

The first basic step to better body maintenance is making sure your skin is soft and supple all over your body. Body butter is an intense version of the traditional body cream and will help to combat dryness in key problem areas like elbows, shins and ankles. For best results, apply after a bath or shower: your warm skin will just drink it in.

2 A Good Deodorant

This one’s a no-brainer, ladies, but it’s crucial in every girl’s everyday beauty routine. Many of us settle for a deodorant that actually damages the sensitive skin under our arms as well, so it’s important to give a little thought tot one you purchase. Deodorant should effectively combat body odour, but it shouldn’t cause irritation, redness or dryness in the process.


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3 Cleanser

A good cleanser won’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight, but it will cut through grease and wash dirt out of your pores. Invariably, you’re better of with gentle, soap-free variations, and you should always avoid anything with added perfume.

4 Moisturiser

Again, this one’s pretty obvious but it’s also a product many women tend to skimp on. There’s no point in spending a fortune on designer foundation ladies, if your skin is too dry or oily to begin with. The correct moisturiser for your skin will help you to avoid both of these problems, and will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and supple. Get one with an added uv-protector for maximum effect.

5 Eye Cream

The area around our eyes is different to the rest of the skin on the face. It’s delicate, sensitive and, unfortunately, far more prone to wrinkling. Experts recommend we start top use an eye cream in our early twenties to help to minimize the crow’s feet that might emerge later in life. A good eye cream has an effective anti-aging ingredient, helps to moisturise and will also participate in combating puffiness, Store yours in the fridge for extra freshness on application.

6 Mascara

Beauty experts suggest that a slick of mascara and a swipe of lip gloss should be all the make up a healthy face needs. While most of us want a little more help than this, mascara remains one of the essential cosmetic items. It pays to spend a little more on your, ladies, as cheap options are prone to clumping and won’t last as long.

7 Eyeliner

A good eyeliner is the key ingredient in a hurriedly made up face. Make sure you always test the pencil out before you buy: cheaper eyeliners often don’t ‘draw’ well so that application becomes a matter of scribbling back and forth. You want something with a velvety texture that goes on easily in a single swipe. Opt for a brown tone during the day; black is very harsh and better suited to lower lighting.

7 Lip and Cheek Stain

This is a great, simple make up item that will add definition to your cheek bones and subtly highlight your lips all at once. Unlike powder blush, cheek stain won’t clog your pores and also helps you to avoid that dusty, overly-matte effect that comes from bad application or cheap product.

So there we are ladies: 7 essential beauty items that every girl should own. Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know; I’d love to compare notes!

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