7 Beauty Products Endorsed by Celebrities ...


It seems like every time you turn on the TV, there’s another commercial for another diet, exercise, or beauty product. Every once in a while, I see one I absolutely must try, but there are others I’d never buy… until I see one of my fave celebs on board! For instance, I’d never have considered trying Wen until I saw the gorgeous Alyssa Milano pushing it… now I have to try it! Here are 7 other beauty products endorsed by celebrities.

1. Alyssa Milano for Wen by Chaz Dean


After seeing this commercial, I loathe my shampoo and conditioner and anti-frizz serum. It’s totally their fault my hair is unruly and not shiny! I mean, look at Alyssa Milano’s hair in these commercials. If this is all she uses, then truly, Wen is a thing of the future. Hey, though… do you think maybe she uses something else, too?

Katy Perry (and Others) for Proactiv