7 Basic Beauty Brushes by Acca Kappa ...

Whether you’re fixing your car, cleaning your kitchen, or touching up your make-up, you need the right tools. If Craftsman is one of the better handyman tool makers, and Clorox my favorite clean-up tool maker, then Acca Kappa is my top beauty brush designer. All of their tools and brushes are fabulous, and a quick peek at my list will tell you why. Here are 7 basic beauty brushes by Acca Kappa.

1. Acca Kappa Toothbrush

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Price: $5.50 at anthropologie.com
Is there any basic beauty brush as basic as a toothbrush? And while this one doesn’t look fancy, it works fancy. It’s made of 100% biodegradable materials with soft bristles to keep your teeth, and your conscience, clean.

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