8 Natural Beauty Remedies ...


8 Natural Beauty Remedies ...
8 Natural Beauty Remedies ...

Did you know that the same foods that give nutrients and vitamins to your body can do fantastic things for your hair and skin? We all know that being beautiful on the outside starts with how you treat the inside. Filling up on healthy foods boost your beauty benefits! A new trend to try in the beauty department that's all the rage are products with food bases ingredients. They are powerful anti-agers and they are much gentler than chemical ingredients. So fill your shopping cart with these super-effective natural ingredients and you'll start to reap the benefits almost immediately! Here are 8 natural beauty remedies!

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If you've ever sipped on ginger ale to calm an upset stomach, then you already know the power this root has! Recently, beauty companies are turning to the ingredient for it's hydrating and mild anti-bacterial properties. Ginger has been shown to increase blood flow and improved circulation helps skin seal in moisture and keep wrinkles at bay. Look for products with ginger in them if you want to prevent wrinkles and soothe your skin and muscles.


Brown Rice

Brown rice contains silica, which is a building block mineral for hair, skin and nails. Brown rice also has great hydrating powers! It's a humectant, so it attracts moisture to your skin, swelling dehydrated cells and giving you a more youthful appearance. Brown rice can help plump and smooth crow's feet. Look for a body scrub or exfoliant that contains brown rice. Scrubs with brown rice will remove dead skin cells without stripping your body of its natural oils. In this dry winter weather that would be a sad story! Leave your skin soft and silky by using a body scrub with natural ingredients.



An apple a day may keep the doctor away- but it will keep the age spots away too! Rich in fiber, apples contain quercetin, a free-radical fighter that helps even out skin tone and brighten your complexion. It works by protecting skin cells from oxidation, preventing pigment changes. You can find quercetin in some facial moisturizers and foaming cleansers.



This fragrant herb that we love to use to transform our chicken casseroles can also transform YOU from head to toe! Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory that constricts blood vessels, reducing redness and swelling. Rosemary can soothe your dry, irritated skin like nothing else! Look for lotions containing rosemary if you want supple, moist skin. Another benefit? Less breakouts! Constricting those capillaries will slow down sebum production. Using cleansers and and body washes with rosemary will give you brighter, clearer skin! Do you have colored hair? Check out the ingredients on hair product labels. Look for- yep, you guessed it- rosemary! Rosemary fends of the UV-rays that cause color fading. Plus, it keeps your tresses smelling and looking fresh longer. Wow! What a multi-tasker!



Ahh! My favorite scent ever! The scent of this tropical fruit may transport us to an island in Tahiti with a little umbrella drink in hand, but coconut has awesome benefits that go far beyond that relaxing vacation! Many facial cleansers, hand soaps, and shampoos are harsh sudsing agents such as sodium laurel sulfate in favor of the gentler coconut derived ones. They break down dirt and oils, but won't rob your skin of moisture or strip away your hair color! The fruit is also a top notch moisturizer. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by our skin cells because it mimics the fatty acids found in the natural oils made by our bodies. And it won't clog pores! Look for body creams containing coconut oil for ultra soft skin and check hair products for coconut oil if you want luscious, shiny locks that aren't weighed down.



Well, you knew this protein and calcium breakfast staple is good for you on the inside, but who knew about the beauty benefits it packs? Yogurt contains lactic acid, which gently buffs away dead skin cells and encourages collagen and elastin production. Lactic acid is very moisturizing, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin that can't tolerate more aggressive scrubs. Look for yogurt-based body washes. You can also use yogurt as a mask! Just smooth a couple teaspoons of plain yogurt onto your clean, dry face and let it set for about 5 minutes. Wash it off to reveal smooth and soft skin!



This small, brazilian berry packs a a cancer -fighting punch because of it's powerful antioxidants. Known as the "youth berry", it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring collagen and elastin production. The results are smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin! Look for the berry in skin firming masques and in lip colors as well. The plumping effect will give your lips a fuller pout and the acai berry lends a natural, subtle hue while helping to prevent lip lines! Acai is also good for our tresses! Look for shampoos and conditioner containing acai berry if you want to keep your strands from looking brassy and faded.



This dark red veggie is more than just a side dish- it's loaded with zinc and vitamin C, two nutrients that boost the immune system and and the production of skin-firming tissues. Look for toners containing beet -derived vitamin C combined with soothing blackthorn berries. This will effectivity tighten pores and smooth fine lines for those with easily irritated skin. Beets also make an effective appearance in some body scrubs and do a fantastic job repairing damaged hair in certain shampoos. For you makeup junkies out there, beets lend a gorgeous hue to lipsticks and blushes in some natural makeup lines!

As you have fun looking for greta new products with these natural ingredients, don't forget that the best natural beauty remedies are the ones that take the most amount of conscience effort on our part. Eating healthy, regular exercise and good sleeping patterns combined with a healthy lifestyle and low stress levels are what give you the shiniest hair, the smoothest skin and the brightest eyes!

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One thing I would change is the use of the word "chemical". All life is made up of chemicals, whether they are natural, or man-made. Even water is considered a chemical. Great post though.:)

Ginger Ale actually doesn’t have ginger in it. Opt for Ginger Beer instead!

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