7 Beauty Procedures It's Ok to do at Home ...

Ladies, we all require a little maintenance once in a while to stay looking our best, but sometimes a trip to the salon can really break the bank. Girls, if you’re a bit on the broke side, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your hotness! Here’s a list of great beauty procedures you can do yourself at home …

1. A Fantastic Home Facial

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A skin treatment at a spa is heavenly, but girls, there’s no reason why you can’t do your own at home. Simply pick up a good face mask next time you’re in the chemist and apply in slow circles to your washed face. After the required time, rinse, exfoliate and moistures. Ta- da! Salon skin from the comfort of your bedroom!

2. A DIY Mani-Pedi

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Getting a new manicure every time your nail polish chips falls way outside the average girl’s budget. Instead of bankrupting yourself in the interest of beautiful talons, simply learn how to get them on your own. You’ll need cuticle cream, a nail file, polish and a base coat to start. Now, simple copy what your beautician did the last time you saw her; I promise you girls, it’ll be just as fab!

3. A Sugary Scrub

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All over body treatments tend to hit the wallet hard and beauty experts suggest they’re just as easy to manage, and even make, on your own. For a fantastic scrub that promises to improve circulation (and so attack cellulite), get yourself a bag of yellow sugar, a mashed up mango and a little honey. Mix these all up together until the consistency looks right, and enjoy a fruity all-over treatment in your very own shower.

4. Fabulous Foot Treatments

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Remedy tired, sore feet yourself with a basin of steaming water and a few drops of tea tree oil. Soak for about ten minutes, then grab a handful of coarse sea salt and give those feet a scrub. This will stimulate circulation and get rid of dead skin cells. Apply a peppermint lotion if you have one, otherwise ordinary water based cream will do, and finish off with a spa-quality massage by rolling a tennis ball up and down the bridge of your foot.

5. A Nail Cleanse

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If you wear nail polish every day of your life, after time you’ll notice those talons are looking a little stained. Even with a protective base coat discolouration is inevitable, but ladies, don’t despair! Restore your natural healthy colour easily at home by soaking your hands in a basin of hot water and lemon juice, then scrub with a whitening tooth paste. I know it sounds odd ladies, but believe me it works!

6. A Super Skin Sauna

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Open up those pores and deep cleanse your skin with a mini sauna in your own home. Fill a basin with boiling water and a couple of nourishing oils – mandarin and lavender is a great combination –then, with a towel draped over your head, hold your face bout 30 cm from the water’s surface. This is a great way to prepare your skin for a mask and promises to chase out all those impurities.

7. A Heavenly Hair Mask

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An intensive hair treatment at the salon can work wonders, but girls there are a tone of at home products out there that achieve the same effect. Get yourself a good quality mask and apply every couple of weeks for hair that’s nourished and shining with health. Alternatively, mash up half and avocado with a couple of egg yolks for a DIY treatment that is salon standard.

There’s a ton more fabulous at-home beauty treatments out there girls, let me know which ones are your favourites?

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