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5 Useful Beauty Posts on ANTB...

By Meream

1 the Best Eye Creams

I only know two of the brands mentioned here (Pond's and Olay). I admit that I have never used eye cream because I can be too lazy to buy beauty products. This post, though, got me interested in investing in perhaps a tub or two.

2 Dealing with Curly Hair

I am already aware of most of the tips listed here but some of you may not. I like that Shuchi gave us tips that are easy to understand. What do you think, ladies? Are these helpful?

3 Inexpensive Lip Balms

It's almost winter and you probably want a reliable lip balm right now. Well, this is the post for you! I love this because the writer gave us a detailed description of each product and how well it works.

4 Easy Beauty Looks

No time to go all out on your makeup or hair style every day? Well, you don't really need to go all out; going easy for beauty can give you great results, too! Here are 5 tips that I thought are quite spot on.

5 Perfect Eyes

I don't know about you but I love (and spend a lot of time) doing my eyes. Good thing I already found a mascara that works for me. If you want to have dramatic and beautiful eyes, these tips are definitely for you.

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