7 Cosmetic Procedures I'd Love to Have ...

By Jennifer

7 Cosmetic Procedures I'd Love to Have ...

For most of my life, I wasn’t a big fan of cosmetic surgery. I thought it was for shallow stripper, ostentatiously wealthy women and for has-been celebrities. But as I’ve aged, I can see the appeal, and there are a few procedures I’m starting to covet. I’m not a stripper, or a socialite, and I’m certainly not a celeb, but I have to admit there are a few cosmetic surgeries I’d love to have…

1 Facial Skin Resurfacing

Facial Skin Resurfacing Photo Credit: Amera3

I have great-looking skin… for a lady my age. But I could certainly do with a quick laser microdermabrasion just to even a few things out, and to give my skin a little boost. It’s not expensive, and can even be done by most dermatologists, so there’s no need to search for a cosmetic surgeon. Hmm…

2 Laser Tattoo Removal

Actually, I’m already having laser tattoo removal done, but I wish the process was a little faster! I’ve had three treatments, and the fading is significant, but it’s already been almost 6 months, with at least another 2 treatments to go! I suppose that’s what I get for rushing into a tattoo in the first place…

3 Thigh and Butt Tightening

No matter how many lunges or squats I do, no matter how much weight I lose, gravity has taken its toll over the years, and my butt and thighs will never be as tight as they once were. A seaweed wrap or cosmetic “tightening” is the solution! I want to have this done…

4 Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner Tattoo Photo Credit: cameraforaface photography

Every morning, I spend precious sleep time lining my eyes, and half-way through the day, it’s all smudged and I have to do it again. My friend Masami has the permanent solution — ten years ago, she had a thin line of eyeliner tattooed on her upper eyelids. She never has to apply eyeliner again, and this is something I might consider, too!

5 Laser Hair Removal

Oh, this would be my first choice for sure. I love the idea of never shaving again, and having smooth, silky skin. How nice would that be? Think of all the time you’d save in the morning, and how nice it would be never to get a bikini wax again!

6 Laser Stretch Mark Removal

I have only a few stretch marks, barely visible, on my hips. They’re hardly noticeable, but again, during swimsuit season, they really bother me. I’ve tried creams and oils, and nothing works… maybe I’ll consider laser treatments to remove them… there are only a couple, so why not? It won’t be expensive.

7 Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Photo Credit: luana183

I’ve barely been an A cup most of my life, and I would love, just once, to buy a swimsuit without having to worry about how I’m going to fill the top. When I was pregnant and nursing, I got used to having a B cup, and now I miss my cleavage! Maybe I’ll consider breast augmentation. I’m just not sure it’s that important to me… at least, until summer comes and it’s time to try on swimsuits again…

Maybe I can’t afford or justify some of these cosmetic surgeries, at least not now, but there are a few that I’ve already started, or I’m looking into. I can’t wait til my laser tattoo removal is done, and then from there, I’m going to start the laser hair removal… or maybe the laser microdermabrasion… are you secretly wanting cosmetic surgery? Which of these procedures is on your wish list? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: the KarmaLady

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I know someone who is about to have laser tattoo removal on their entire forearm. I have always wondered is it painful?

I don't understand why women want all of these procedures. I get that they want to look better, but why not just be comfortable with who you are and save all that money? I'm not trying to say that no one should get them, I'm just making the point that society has created this image of the "perfect" woman that we all try to mold ourselves into, and NO ONE CAN BE HER! It seems that there is always something that we want to change. We fix one thing, and then find another thing that's wrong. It's a never ending cycle. Isn't it easier to just accept who you are? That being said, pampering is always fun, that seaweed wrap, or the skin resurfacing sound like they would be beneficial as well as nice and relaxing!

I'm with you on most of them like the eyeliner tattooed on and the laser hair removal. I think if a procedure is going to make you feel alot better and more confident then why shouldn't you get it done?? x

I know one who tried a permanent tatooed eye liner and ended being blind. So I fear those treatments.

If you plan on getting breast augmentation, don't go to big. Busty girls have their own problems. That's the reason my friend got a breast reduction.

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