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So, when we want beauty tips, where do we turn? And what exactly do we expect to find? We usually turn to books, magazines, articles online, or youtube videos. And we normally expect to find make-up applications tips, new products to try, or how-to instructions for a new hairstyle. While those are all fun and helpful ideas, there's more to being beautiful than what you do to your face and skin. It all starts with how you treat your body, your emotional and mental stability, and your attitude! Here are 10 unique beauty tips you never knew that will get you glowing from head to toe in no time flat!

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Never Run on Empty

You'll find that charging head-long into a super busy, cram-packed day jammed full of work and school and errands just doesn't do anything for you. You wouldn't let your car run out of gas-it wouldn't get you anywhere! It's the same basic idea for your body. Eat a breakfast every day. Even a banana or a granola bar that you can ake with you in the car is better than skipping altogether. Protein shakes are also filling and good for you. Mix almond or soy milk with yogurt, a banana, a scoop of protein powder and the fruit of your choice in a blender until it's smooth. Viola! you've got a quick breakfast that you can eat-er-drink on the run!


Take a Cold Shower

Now, it's not fun, and it won't really feel good unless its the dog days of summer and you've just come in from working in the garden. But taking a cold shower will increase your blood circulation and give your skin a lovely glow! It also helps shrink and tighten pores. Taking a cold shower on a morning when you've overslept and running behind will really help you out because it will wake you up and encourage you not to spend more time than you should in the shower! Now there's an incentive we can all learn from!


Don't Deprive Yourself

Healthy food is good. It's....healthy! It's smart of you to limit the amount of treats and junk foods you bring into the house. But that doesn't mean you should never indulge. Allow yourself a candy-bar here and there and some popcorn at the movies. If you play your cards right, you can keep yourself from getting a huge craving and eating a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting simple because you haven't tasted it in so long.


Sleep Tight

Know why it's called "beauty sleep"? Because it truly does help you to look your best! When you run on low levels of sleep, you are often grumpy and so that beautiful smile is replaced with a frown. And those dark circles just refuse to be covered no matter how hard you try! Take it from a girl who's tried every concealer out there! The only remedy to this problem is simple- get more zzzzzz's! Studies have shown that skimping on sleep messes with your metabolism as well. So if you want to slim up, get more sleep!


Fake It

The sun, that is! It's very bad for you to lay out in the sun until you're baked into a golden brown, but you can get the same effect the healthy way and no one will be any the wiser! That beautiful golden glow will be the envy of all the girls! Experiment with spray on tans, bronzing lotions and powders and self-tanning creams. It may take a few tries to get it right, but you will eventually! One thing to keep in mind: We are in the middle of winter, so if you want to look believable, just keep it very light and gentle! Easy does it!


Cook at Home

Eating out is fun, we all love feeling pampered and being waited on. But cooking at home has it's big bonuses! Think about it. You're the chef, so you know how many calories and grams of fat go into the meal. You also get to impress your man by serving him a gourmet dish. (He never has to know that it was boxed mac 'n' cheese!) Cooking is also one of the best ways to relax and get your mind on something else besides work or relationship problems! So go for it! Make your next dinner a do-it-yourself project!


Have a Bra Fitting

If you've never had a proper bra fitting by a trained professional, you should make it a top priority! Next time you go out to buy underclothes, don't just guess at your size. Ask the saleslady at any store that carries women's lingerie such as Victoria's Secret, Vanity Fair, or Jockey. Most stores offer them for free! You may find that you are a different size than what you thought. The saleslady can also teach you how to tell if your bra fits you right or not. You would be amazed at the difference a properly fitting bra can have on the way your clothes fit you, your posture, and your over-all comfort! And there's always the added lift and support the right bra can give you!


Use That SPF

I won't start harping on the dangers of skipping sunscreen, but just know they are there, lurking in the shadows, I mean sunbeams! Most people skip sunblock during the winter because they think it will be fine, but it's not! Winter sunbeams are just as powerful and damaging as the summer ones are so slather that stuff on no matter what time of year it is! Try getting a foundation with SPF in it to make your mornings a little faster. And always remember to apply your sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.


Don't Eat like a Guy

Don't lie- you know you FEEL like it some days. Or most days. Men-especially very hardworking ones- tend to eat whatever they want and just work it off. Greasy french fries, sodas, sugary treats, it all goes in their stomach. But for us women it goes straight to our thighs! So, while you don't have to deny yourself and live in total exile, remember to have a little discipline and self-control and balance your meals out as well as you can. You'll be glad you did!


Be Flexible

This is true for everyone in the world. Being flexible and having a good attitude about things is what makes a great friend, mother, sibling, child, co-worker, teacher, you name it. Be flexible wth your schedule. Be flexible with your workouts. Be flexible with your plans. Be flexible! Being flexible doesn't mean being wishy-washy or changing your mind all the time. It only means working with the little everyday things that pop p and trying to make the best out of it and go on with life. Don't let our world stop spinning because of one little upheaval. It will all be ok! it will work itself out and life will resume. That's the best beauty secret I could give anyone!

Being beautiful goes deeper than having a perfectly white smile and highlights in your hair. Being beautiful start inside, with your attitude, and your spirit. Then it moves onto the way you take care of yourself, how you treat your body and how often you relax. Take these tips to heart and you will see that I'm right!

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Yeah...these are all kind of a given.

It's important to follow these for some time, they don't work instantly. Everything needs time to work. And besides, it doesn't help to know that these tips exist, it's important to know how they work and what to do so they would actually help, so I think she did a pretty good job by posting this.

I know all of these...

Beautifully written post! I am so enjoyed reading everything that make me learn new ideas. Thank you for sharing these. =)

thanks for sharing these AGAIN.

Hey, lay off. They're good tips and you're not following them. Have a good attitude. It makes you a whole lot more attractive. Even if you think they're dumb is it neccecary to make your feeling known?

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