7 Tips for Dyeing Your Hair Brown ...


7 Tips for Dyeing Your Hair Brown ...
7 Tips for Dyeing Your Hair Brown ...

Brown hair seems to be huge at the moment and all of my friends are dyeing their hair different shades of brown! I’m far too pale to ditch my blonde locks, but if you are tempted over to the dark side, here are my top seven tips for going brown...

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Can You do It Yourself?

Can You do It Yourself? Photo Credit: AlicePalice

Generally, you should be able to color your hair yourself. However, if it is in bad condition, or has different tones in it, a hairstylist might be a better option. Hair dye won’t take well to hair in bad condition and will leave your color patchy, so you might save yourself some disappointment!


Which Kit?

Which Kit? Photo Credit: wisely-chosen

Kits sold in supermarkets and chemists contain different chemicals to kits from salons, which will generally give better results. That said, if you follow the instructions, you can get amazing and very professional looking results from a supermarket kit and they are of very good quality and value these days.


Prep Your House

Prep Your House Photo Credit: Kathy Froilan

Grab old towels to cover anything valuable and stay away from your bedroom, especially if your bed has white sheets! Cover the sofa if you are likely to sit on it, and hide any important paperwork. Some hair dyes have to be left on for 55 minutes, and you’ll be surprised how far you’ll move in that time!


Prep Yourself!

Prep Yourself! Photo Credit: blog lass

Grab an old t-shirt or buy a cheap new one to wear during the dye process. It will drip, and it’s quite hard to get dye out of clothes, depending on what colour you are using. Also a makeup secret, put Vaseline around your hairline to prevent staining your skin.


Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds Photo Credit: JennKstep

While this isn’t strictly necessary, I’d recommend having some emergency funds available in case you hate the colour. Simply dyeing over the colour usually won’t work and will just make matters worse. So a trip to the salon will be needed in order to sort it out and get the colour you wanted. You don’t want to be stuck in hats for a month while you save!



Permed? Photo Credit: justin<3sasha

If you have permed or relaxed hair, choose a shade darker than you want, as processed hair doesn’t accept as much colour. Then do a good strand test before you start, to see if your hair can handle the extra chemicals. It is best to wait at least 24 hours to see how the hair responds and if all is good, go for it! Also have a look for special advice on the dye packet about permed hair, or look for a dye specially formulated for chemically treated hair.


How to Keep It Looking Good

How to Keep It Looking Good Photo Credit: Leonie²

With all the products in the market, it can be hard to know what to do to keep your colour looking good, especially if you've colored your hair at home. For starters, schedule a recolour every 6 weeks, to keep your colour looking fresh and to hide any roots. Then use a shampoo designed for coloured hair, which will help prevent fading, and avoid intensive conditioners and treatments as these can do more harm than good.

Coloured hair can be hard to master but my friends have loved their dark hair and it really is an excellent way to update your look andboost your confidence! It’s a great time to try a new colour, so grab a shade of brunette and see how gorgeous you look. Have you got a tip for dyeing your hair brown? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: 30♥ish

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